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Fitness Magazines

Updated on July 10, 2014

Get In Shape - Health, Exercise and Fitness Magazines!

Is your New Year's Resolution to live a more healthy lifestyle? These top rated fitness magazines are an inexpensive investment to make to keep your exercise and fitness routine on track.

Many people start out strong in January, but by February their New Year's resolutions are forgotten - that's just when you need a reminder in your mailbox, inspiring you to get back out there and get fit! Magazines are one way you can stay motivated and entertained every single month of your fitness journey!

Men's Health - Men's Guide To Fitness

Men's Health is one of the most well known fitness magazines for men. This is a good all-purpose fitness magazine for men that covers general fitness and exercise, health, nutrition, weight loss, grooming and more. A subscription to Men's Health magazine will provide you with a well-rounded and generalized view of health and fitness throughout the year.

Men's Health
Men's Health

A lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing men the practical and positive actions that make their lives better, with articles covering fitness, relationships, nutrition, careers, grooming, travel and health issues.


Women's Health - Women's Guide To Health and Fitness

Women's Health can be thought of as a companion to Men's Health magazine, providing a generalized view of Women's fitness and health issues throughout the year. Regular topics include fitness, food, yoga, weight loss, health, beauty and style. A subscription to Women's Health magazine will give any woman a regular view of the latest issues in women's health and fitness throughout the year.

Women's Health
Women's Health

A lifestyle magazine rooted in health and fitness. Women's Health is filled with actionable and practical advice that you can use today. For women who want to do more, have more, and be more.


Prevention - Prevention Magazine For Fitness and Health

Prevention Magazine is one of the oldest and most established fitness magazines in the United States. Topics include Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Recipes, and Age-Defying Beauty. Prevention is a great general fitness magazine for people who want to stay young and feel young, even as they approach middle age and beyond.


Prevention magazine gives you healthy solutions you can really live with. Every issue delivers the latest news and trends on health, food and nutrition, family, fitness, and more!


Self Magazine - Fitness Magazine for yourSELF!

Self is a fitness magazine focused on health and happiness. With regular sections devoted to food & diet, nutrition, fitness and health and happiness, Self looks at wellness and fitness as part of a well-lived life. This is a great fitness magazine for those looking to add fitness into their view of their whole life and self-image.

Bonus Video: Self Magazine Meditation On Being Grateful

Runner's World

RUNNER'S WORLD is filled with powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it! Every issue brings you the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals.

Swimming World Magazine

The world's leading independent source of aquatic sport news and updates!


Since 1962, BICYCLING has been inspiring people to get more out of their cycling passion. Each action-packed issue is filled with proven secrets to go faster, stronger, longer. Increase your stamina; buy the best gear for your money; locate a great ride; improve your performance; perfect your technique; fuel your passion.

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal has been a valuable resource for information about physical and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga. Yoga Journal is your guide to better health, nutrition, personal growth, fitness and inner peace. You ll learn revitalizing yoga techniques taught by the masters.


Magazine of wilderness travel offering practical "you can do it--here's how" advice to enjoy every trip. Filled with the best places, gear and information for all kinds of hiking and camping trips with fold-out maps and stunning color photography.

Do you want to subscribe to a fitness magazine?

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      TheEstore007 6 years ago

      Great Lens!

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      MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

      Good magazines, lots of ideas there

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      MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

      The problem is that people think that carrying all those magazines around will get them in shape! :-D