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Five Best Cruiser Bikes For Women

Updated on September 5, 2014

Which Is The Best Cruiser Bike For Women?

In bikes, like in most products, all things are not created equal. Finding the best cruiser bikes for women can be a challenging thing. There are a ton of brands to pick from and not all of them have good reviews or descriptions. Beach cruiser bikes, especially for women, are extremely popular lately, and you can find them everywhere from high end bike shops to Walmart.

This lens is written to help you choose the best beach cruiser bike for women and hopefully help you avoid buying a dud. Making the right choice with your ride is important; if it's too heavy, uncomfortable or badly made you won't ride it, and it will collect dust. It's better to do a bit of research than to let your new bicycle sit unused in the garage!

In this lens we'll look at five of the top cruiser bikes for ladies, and talk about why I chose them for this list. We'll talk a bit about cruiser bikes and quality distinctions, and what you should be keeping an eye out for. Hopefully this will set you up to make a great, informed decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I'll try to respond.

Ladie's Beach Cruiser Bike Features:

What makes them tick?

There are a few distinct features which mark a beach cruiser women's bicycle. We'll talk about those here.

- They all have a swooping, stylized frame, usually quite low slung. The wheels are large and the tires will be wide but not overly tread heavy. They run well on pavement, grass and sand. Beach cruisers typically have sprung saddle (springs in the back for added comfort) and wide set riser bars.

- The riding position is upright and comfortable, with the rider in a leaned back and casual position. They are not ideal for heavy or strenuous riding, but better suited for flat terrain, casual fun rides on the beach, and easier daily commutes. Almost all beach cruisers brake by pedalling backwards (called a coaster brake).

- The best beach cruiser bikes for women include extra accessories, like a front basket, a set of fenders to keep dirt, sand and water off, and sometimes a three speed rear hub and shifter, as opposed to the traditional single speed and coaster brake combination.

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Women's Cruiser Bike

A stylish and great beach cruiser bicycle for women

You may not know the brand super well, but when it comes to cruiser bikes, Critical Cycles is one of the best names in the game, and for a good reason. They are offering a very attractive women's beach cruiser bicycle for a great price, and it comes with awesome components. This Dutch style beach cruiser bike for women is stylish and fun with a steel frame and 700c wheels with high quality Kenda Kwick tires.

The upright riding position is a huge plus, you can ride this bike all day. it's a single speed, so if you want to do hills look for its sibling with 7 speeds. It even has a front headlight. This lovely, vintage inspired cruiser bicycle for ladies is one I really recommend, and it's great on a wide variety of riding surfaces, so you can use it on the sand, on the boardwalk, or on pavement without issues. If I were to get one tomorrow, I'd invest in a good basket for the front!

Hollandia Holiday F1 Cruiser Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 11 inch Frame, Women's Bike, Mint Green
Hollandia Holiday F1 Cruiser Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 11 inch Frame, Women's Bike, Mint Green

Lots of accessories, beautiful and strong frame, everything you'll need.


Hollandia Holiday F1 Cruiser Bicycle for Women

An aquamarine ladie's beach cruiser with tons of accessories

This is a beautiful, stylized bike, and one of the best beach cruiser bikes for women for its wide range of included accessories. Everything you need is included, like front and rear 'Dutch style' storage racks, an upright and comfortable riding position, a coaster hub single speed transmission, integrated fenders and wide, comfortable tires that are built for sand riding.

It's not fancy, but the low price tag reflects that, and it's a solid choice and completely uncomplicated; perfect for the person who just wants to get out there and start riding. Again I think a nice looking basket to sit on the integrated front storage rack would be a good choice, but that's up to you!

Nirve Island Flower 3 Women's 3-Speed Cruiser Bike (Black Plumeria)
Nirve Island Flower 3 Women's 3-Speed Cruiser Bike (Black Plumeria)

Definitely worth a look, the Nirve Cherry Blossom is a higher end beach cruiser bicycle that will last you a long time. Check it out!


Nirve Island Flower 3 Speed Beach Cruiser

A higher end women's beach cruiser bicycle

Nirve is a great brand, one that you can find in bike shops everywhere. The Island Flower is a very attractive bike, with black and pink detailing and a comfortable and stylized saddle, along with a nice amount of accessories. The frame is steel and the wheels are aluminum, so this bike is strong but not too heavy.

This bicycle is a bit more versatile, as it's actually got some speeds to choose from, so the occasional hill won't throw you for a loop. It comes with fenders, 3 speed rear hub that you can shift at a standstill, kickstand and quick release seatpost, and a stylized steel chainguard to keep your clothing free from chain mess. I really dig the stance, the wide, swooping handlebars, and the overall appeal of this attractive ride. Definitely one of the better ladie's beach cruiser bikes to choose from, though the price tag is understandably higher.

Huffy Women's Good Vibration Bike (Caramel Metallic, Large/26-Inch)
Huffy Women's Good Vibration Bike (Caramel Metallic, Large/26-Inch)

Blue with beautiful accents, single speed, beverage holder and basket, rear cargo rack.


Huffy Women's Good Vibration Cruiser Bicycle

A simple and strong ladies beach cruiser bike

Huffy does cruisers right, and this one is simple, strong and perfect for a casual rider. The all steel frame is great, and it comes with color coordinated fenders, an integrated chain guard, wide tires with vintage style white sidewalls, embroidered spring saddle, and swept back handle bars.

This is an easy going and relaxed ride, and the price is ridiculously low. Strap on your picnic basket and head to the beach on this beauty!

Hollandia Holiday M1 Cruiser Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 18 inch Frame, Men's Bike, Cream
Hollandia Holiday M1 Cruiser Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 18 inch Frame, Men's Bike, Cream

High tension TIG-welded frame, wide tires, Dutch style racks, semi-enclosed chain guard.


Hollandia Holiday M1 Cruiser Bike

A 'mens' cruiser bicycle that's better suited to women

This is one of the best cruiser bikes for women, even though it's technically designed for men. It's better suited to women because it has quite a small frame. Men will find it a bit on the small side, but it's perfect for ladies seeking a comfortable and efficient women's cruiser bicycle for a cheap price.

In addition, it has a bunch of great accessories, like the large front rack, perfect for a basket or suitcase. It's attractive, and comes with 26 inch wheels, a 'Dutch style' front and rear rack, kickstand and fenders.

Things To Keep In Mind: - Finding the best cruiser bike for women involved following these steps

Here are a few tips for finding an excellent women's beach cruiser bicycle. Hopefully they will help you narrow down your choices and pick the right one.

  1. Avoid 'brand-less' bikes. This may seem irrelevant, but brand is important. There are a LOT of terrible, brand-less beach cruiser bicycles for women out there, and you want to be a savvy shopper. Stick with brands, they are popular for a reason!
  2. Try to find fenders. The laid back riding position puts you right in the path of nasty road debris, especially if you're riding on sand. Avoid this by buying a model with a great set of fenders to keep yourself clean and dry.
  3. Look for a model with gears. The best women's beach cruiser bicycles have gears, and that's because it's difficult to get a lot of leverage in this riding position. Gears help counteract that. It's nice to be able to tackle a hill or two, if necessary! You can find a lot of three or seven speed cruisers if you look hard enough.

More Beach Cruiser Bikes on Amazon:

Here are some more women's beach cruiser bicycles I've reviewed but have not written up. If you have any questions about bikes and aren't sure where to go, please feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this article. I will try to respond in a timely fashion. Also do pay close attention to customer reviews in whatever bike you end up buying; it can be hard to identify a dud without outside support.

Thoughts on these beach cruiser bicycles for women?

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