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Horse Riding Gloves Reviewed

Updated on February 7, 2013

Using horse riding gloves when horseback riding is the best way of avoiding rough, blistered hands. Controlling the horses direction is an action that predominatly requires the use of reins and a few hours handling a pair can cause discomfort.

There's also the fact that you need a comfortable grip - hands can become slippy and there's been many an occasion when I'e lost my grip, when the simple action of wearing a good quality pair of Ariat gloves would have made the difference.

The five best equestrian riding gloves are featured below. All are of a good qaulity, will provide a safe, comfortable grip and each pair is an inexpensive investment overall.

SSG Gripper Riding Gloves
SSG Gripper Riding Gloves

SSG Gripper Riding Gloves

These are the best cotton riding gloves and will give a good grip without over heating the heands. Especially good for a long days ride on a hot day, they afford the wearer a more comfortable experience when guiding the horse. This pair have reinforcement where you need it, which helps prevent chaffing and blisters.

They're a nice fit and the velcro fastenings at the writs keep them secure when out riding. Being black, they'll match up to any jodphurs or other riding apparel and overall, they're a well made, good standard of riding gloves. The price is amazingly low and for the quality - they want buying.

SSG All Weather Horse Riding Gloves

This pair are the best all weather horse riding gloves and they work just as well in the wet as they do in dry riding conditions. They're comfortable to wear and don't over heat the hand. You can still feel the contact from the horses mouth, which is important and there's no chance of the reins running through and the horse ending with his head.

They're machine washable and come out looking the same as they went in, only cleaner and the color is kinda cool. They feel secure at the wrist - not too tight and you do get a good grip on the reins when wearing them. An all round good quality pair and well worth the purchase price.

Good Hands Track Equestrian Riding Gloves

These are the best breathable horse riding gloves and they're manufactured from cotton. Available in a vibrant pink or cool blue, they're reinforced around the thumb and palm, strong seams between the fingers and provide a nice safe grip on the reins. As they're breathable, your hands don't heat up unecassarily and the dimpled palm aids the hold.

Riding in wet conditions doesn't alter the grip, and the wrist fastening is pretty secure. No chaffing and aching hands after wearing these and the fun colors certainly give them a pop. Perfect for younger riders and anyone that loves a splash of color when out horseback riding, they're so inexpensive you should buy two pairs - great value for money.

SSG Silk Liners Riding Gloves

These are the best horse riding glove liners - beautifully made from silk and incredibly inexpensive. They're not intended for an average days ride as they are, they're designed for wearing beneath a standard glove. They add to the feeling of comfort and security when holding the reins and are especially good when worn beneath leather riding gloves.

They also act as an insulating layer when used during the winter months and the fact that they're silk lends to their longevity. There's no bulk with them, they're so thin and lightweight you forget you're wearing them beneath your gloves and for the price, they come highly recommended. Great glove liners.

SSG Lycrochet Riding Gloves

These are the best hard working horse riding gloves and they're good for a variety of riding tasks. They're great on a long trail ride, they're equally great when schooling and working in the coral. If you enjoy horse riding games - or you're attached to a pony club and there's a myriad of different expectations regarding the type of riding and horse work that you do - they're awesome to use.

Comfortable, durable and with a good grip, they won't let you down. The pigskin palm is amazingly good quality - no splitting and cracking. The crochet back is warming and the velcro wrist fastening is strong and secures the glove to the hand. A good quality pair of leather gloves, good grip, comfortable to wear and currently on offer at a cool discount price.


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