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Five Deadly Kung Fu Styles

Updated on February 8, 2011

Which of the Five Deadly Kung Fu Styles Do You Want to Learn?

Here are the five Deadly Kung Fu styles, they are the heart of ancient Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Wing Chun.

Praying Mantis.

Tai Chi Chuan.

Pa Kua Chang.

Learn them and become more than mortal!

Article is below the video snippet!

Five Deadly Kung Fu Styles!

Here's an old snippet showing several of the styles. It's more of a teaching DVD, so I move slower and give more in depth instruction.

Learn Pa Kua Chang Power!
Learn Pa Kua Chang Power!

Five Deadly Kung Fu Styles!

I watch Kung Fu Movies, so a title like Five Incredibly Deadly Kung Fu Styles is right up my alley. When you speak of these arts, however, you aren't talking movies. You are talking about incredibly potent disciplines that are the most dangerous martial arts in the world.

These are specific body disciplines which perfect the body and sharpen the intellect. People who train in these disciplines have gone beyond the flesh, and are describing a world towards which mankind hurries with eagerness. Let's go over the five deadly Kung Fu styles.

No particular order to our consideration, let's begin with Shaolin Gung Fu. Inspired by the immortal Bodhidharma, it has become the most powerful influence in the martial arts world. In Shaolin you are talking about the absolute protection of creating an iron body through Golden Bell Training, and the steel fingers that eventually result in Dim Mak (the death touch).

Many disciplines claim lineage to the Shaolin Temple, and Wing Chun Gung Fu is one of the foremost. Sometimes considered a 'girly art' because it was founded by a woman, this art shows that being sensitive to an attack allows one to lay waste to an attacker. Learn the Sticky Hands (Chi Sau) drill and you can see what is coming before an attack is launched.

Another sensitive but deadly art is the Praying Mantis (Tang Lang Ch'uan). Again, the arms intertwine in a stylistic training routine, but the attack and defense is delivered from a stronger Shaolin stance. Shaolin Power with Wing Chun sensitivity, that is the key to the Praying Mantis Style.

Stepping outside the world of Shaolin, one comes to Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Quan), which is an art from Wudan Mountain. This art teaches whole body sensitivity, and is considered by many to be the peak of martial arts in the world. By 'emptying' the body one can generate massive amounts of 'Chi Energy,' and this energy is far beyond simple muscle.

A more rare form of Wudan is the Pa Kua Chang (Baguazhang). This is a circular art designed to twist and turn, and totally mystify an attacker. As in Tai Chi, incredible amounts of Chi Energy are created, though by a slightly different training method called 'Walking the Circle.'

Five arts, each of which is totally deadly, has its lineage, and has been proven over the millennium. And, there are deviations and variations which are subtle and powerful in their own right. Indeed, to know even one of the Five Incredibly Deadly Kung Fu Styles is to change the way you think, and many people specialize in more than one, putting the arts together in a form of self expression far beyond the mere mortal.

You tell me...which is the Deadliest Kung Fu Style?

Deadly Gung Fu
Deadly Gung Fu

Five fantastic and deadly arts, but there can be only one! Which is the one you think would beat all the others in a real to the death fight?

Which is the Deadliest Kung Fu Style?

See results

What style of Kung Fu do you study...and how long have you studied?

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    • profile image

      Rich 11 months ago

      Hung Gar 4 years

    • profile image

      Justin Tetro 19 months ago

      Ihavw never tahen kung fu lessons but i believe i connected with my chi i have turned into a snake in one of my strikes but cant do it in dwmans i also see the wing chung shadows i need a teacher 347 644 4155 serous onlt please brooklyn ny

    • profile image

      Haga Cheimayog 23 months ago


      Wing Chun

      Systema Spetsnaz

      Krav Maga Aman

      ΕΥΠ Pankration

    • profile image

      Roy 2 years ago

      Im deeply involved in praying mantis since childhood..this martial art is not for tournament or sport it will lose becoz of the limitations of the tournament real fight..get ready to protect your "sensitive areas"..after that im learning some taichi Yang Style..

      i wish i had the time in learning the san soo art

    • profile image

      Toriiban鳥番戦士 2 years ago

      Iv'e been practiceing Kung Fu San Soo going on 34 years now, I also teach Zhuong gou Chinese Kung Fu,

      Both San Soo, Hung ga, Fong jao pai and Tai Ji chuan(classicle Yang) I can clearly state that though we Say San Soo is defensive system, it is all agresive. In fact I started practicing Tai Ji to counter my aggressive Tsoi Li Hoi ga pai. If you have any quedtions concerning Kung Fu San Soo, please feel free to E~mail me at may Our Lord God through Jesus Christ shine his grace upon you.

    • Don La Due profile image

      Don La Due 4 years ago

      I studied Wing Chun and tai Chi.

    • ArtSiren LM profile image

      ArtSiren LM 4 years ago

      I studied Shaolin animal styles for 3 years during my youth. More recently, I moved to internal styles, and have studied taijiquan, baguazhang and xingyiquan for about 8 years.

    • profile image

      khongor14 5 years ago

      your lens is cool but i don't think its better than mine, visit my lens

    • profile image

      khongor14 5 years ago

      well i studied wing chun and shaolin leopard for 3 years.

    • profile image

      sandi_x 5 years ago

      Wing Tsun 10 years

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i have done san soo kung foo for 5 years its mostly defensive style of fighting

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      the,snake,tigr,thi chi, and mostly no kung-fu.more of a capoeira fytr and tnx 4 dis info its really helpful...... :)

    • AlokaRuwanpathi profile image

      AlokaRuwanpathi 5 years ago

      I really like this lens.... but that doesn't mean I like any killing fists, okey? That's really helpful to grow up my knowledge. Thanks for the lens!

    • achraf lm profile image

      achraf lm 6 years ago

      nice lens! hope to read more soon