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Florida Gators Pandora Charms

Updated on September 20, 2014

University of Florida Pandora Charms

Do you have a Florida Gators Pandora bracelet? If you are a true Gator fan, this is the perfect way to show it and with class and style. Walk into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium after tailgating with your Florida Gator Pandora charms blinging like crazy. You know that Albert bought one for Alberta to sport on the field during games. Show your orange and blue pride everywhere you go this season. Of all the fan gear that your fellow Gators will have, these charms in sterling silver on a Pandora bracelet will be top of the list.

Back those Gators with one or all of the Florida Gators Pandora Charms. Gator fans are everywhere and are some of the most loyal fan bases anywhere. So show your Gator fan some love and hook them up with a Gator bead


Gators Pandora Charms

Gators Pandora Beads

\If your Pandora bracelet has a different color scheme than orange and blue, then this charm is perfect for the Gator fan in you. It is Sterling silver and will show your pride without messing with the colors. Florida front and Gators back ---->

Gator colors are the way people know there kind in any environment, so not having the colors on this charm may seem just wrong, but when you already have your favorite color on the bracelet, this is the only way to support the team

Florida Gators Bead Fits Most Pandora bracelets

University of Florida Gators Pandora Charms

University of Florida Gators Pandora Beads

This blue gator logo charm screams "I am a GATOR"!!! Let em know who you represent at the tailgate party or watching at the local sports bar.

When you are doing the Gator chomp let your wrist do the talking with this awesome Gator piece. Everyone will see this Gator biting down on the competition.

University of Florida GATOR Sterling silver charm

Florida Gators Pandora Bracelet Charms

Florida Gators Pandora Bracelet Beads

This dangling Florida Gator charm is a beautiful addition to any Pandora bracelet. Show yout school spirit with a drop Florida Gator Pandora charm.

This page is all about finding all of your Gator charms in one place. Having the whole collection would make one great looking bracelet for one truly big Gator fan.

Florida Gators Collegiate Drop Charm

Florida Gator Football

Grab a game ball to add to your game room shelf.

Florida Gators Pandora Charms

Florida Gators Pandora Beads

This is the one. This Florida Gator Pandora Charm is the same from the top of the page and says Go Gators like no other. Orange and Blue till the end of time.

Represent those colors, you will get noticed from across any room. Tell the Gator haters as well as the Gator lovers what you stand for. NCAA Football, basketball or baseball, Florida seems to be competitive in every sport.

Florida Gators Collegiate Bead Fits Pandora

Florida Gator Bracelet Charms

Florida Gator Bracelet Beads

Hey Albert, you look good on this bracelet. It is not truly Albert, but it sure does look like it. Perfect addition to the Gator Charms on that bracelet.

This green gator says it all. A must have on a Gator bracelet. Inexpensive and charming, a perfect gift for the fan in your life.

Silver Tone Green Enamel Alligator charm

University of Florida Pandora Charms

University of Florida Pandora Beads

If want it blue with an Orange F or Orange with a Blue F, there right here. So be home or away, you are still a Gator. You may need both.

Sports or not , this is the best way to show that Florida pride and it stands out in bright and vibrant colors. Get the color that suits you, or get them both. Again, these would be great on a full blown Florida bracelet.

University of Florida Gators Orange Charm

University of Florida Orange Sterlin silver charm

Florida Gators Pandora Beads

Florida Gators Pandora Charms

Get your Gator on in sterling silver. These Gators belong on your wrist with the blue and orange that already lives there. Can you see all these charms on one bracelet?

If you want a Gator on your arm but you have colors that wouldn't match, you are in luck. A silver Gator still says I am a huge fan. Get Albert on your arm.

Authentic Biagi Alligator Gator Charm

Drop a line to tell the Gator haters what Gators are all about.

Gators be Heard - Are you a Gator for Life?

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