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Flounder Fishing Tips - Techniques

Updated on July 9, 2015

Flounder - Fluke

In northern states, fishermen often call them fluke. In Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina, summer flounder are commonly called "flounder".

On the southern end of the Mid Atlantic, the range of summer flounder overlaps with a similar species; the southern flounder.

Spring Flounder Fishing

- visit local tackle shops for up-to-the-minute fishing reports

- always consult tide predictions and weather forecasts before fishing

- during early spring look for deep channels near shallow flats, especially on a falling tide

- carry a selection of leaders, including bare-hook designs as well as rigs equipped with bucktail hair, vinyl skirts, spinners, or other attractants

- use big baits when targeting trophy fish during early runs

- carry a variety of baits including live minnows (killifish), frozen silversides, squid, or other baits

- cut dead baits into fluke shapes which have lifelike movements. Avoid baits that spin

- experiment with jigs, soft plastics, and scented baits

- when undersize fish are abundant, try using circle hooks with bucktail skirts on a 3-way leader or Carolina rig

- avoid northeast wind and dirty water; fish in clear conditions when possible

- move to another area if rigs repeatedly become fouled on aquatic vegetation

- as water temperatures stabilize in mid to late spring, try fishing in shallower water

Summer Flounder Fishing

- when flounder catches diminish in coastal estuaries, try fishing on nearshore ocean shoals and artificial reefs

- experiment along lesser fished areas such as the mouths of small creeks along shorelines

- fish a variety of habitats during varying tides

- expect to catch other species such as bluefish, seatrout, spot, croaker, kingfish, porgy, black sea bass, small sharks

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Fall Flounder Fishing

- during fall, look for temperature changes, tide rips, channel edges, and other structure

- fish during tide changes

- experiment with local baits such as peanut bunker, finger mullet, etc.


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    • Gordon Hamilton profile image

      Gordon Hamilton 5 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

      Enjoyed the Hub. We have flounder here in the UK as well but a lot of fishermen scorn them and make no attempt to catch them. I think they are wonderful eating fish. There is a worrying trend that I have found re flounder and other flat fish, however, in that unscrupulous individuals will tie lines to poles at the top of the beach for a night-time low tide, full of baited hooks, then return the next morning to claim their illicit spoils. I've lost count of the number of times I've cut and destroyed these lines. Have you come across this practice in the USA?