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Football (SOCCER) ideas (UK)

Updated on February 17, 2013

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What every soccer coach needs!
What every soccer coach needs!

British Cup

Would it be good for G./British league teams to play in a UK end of / mid season Tournament?

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no more score draws

Scottish Teams playing English and Welsh Teams

Before WC2010. I wrote an email to the FA regarding the decision not to let Scottish Teams in English Leagues. While I agreed with this. I felt that an opportunity had been missed in that the league / "Carling" Cup could become The British cup.
I felt this would have several benefits not only for football but also tourism. The benefits for football would be a chance of a bigger gate reciept. A chance for players to get a taste of international football more regularly and in greater numbers. Teams would benefit seeing more players, and those clubs that downgrade the current competition would have to think again.

Their reply informed me that "my" idea wasn't new. And was decided against because of the travelling practicalities. Imagine having to go from Places like Portsmouth to Dundee in the middle of the week! So, point taken. Nice to know the people at the top have some sense somewhere!

Penalties deciding draws

Do You think it would be good for the game and players for All draws to be decided on Penalties?

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National Soccer Team Support

Which team do you follow?

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compulsory Wins decided by Penalties!

Since World Cup 2010. (And Hurray that we qualified, not so happy about how we played etc!)
  It seems we either ignore penalties to concentrate on Team work, or vice-versa, as we seem to have less time to prepare than other countries due to not only our extended top flight (Premiership),  -we could also benefit by reducing this to 18 along with the rest- But also The extra Cup competition.

I think The importance of Penalties may be underestimated due to their relative rarity. Yet they become all important when they are used.
    I do like them no matter how heart breaking they can be. I feel it is a good and fair way to test how much nerve and grit a team has left. After all it is 5 each. First or Last can be a bonus or a draw back depending on your mindset.

The thought was to abandon extra time, as this would drain teams, players for international competitions. But to add the penalty component in draws for full time in league games -as well as cup. With say 3points still for a win in normal time, but only one point for a penalties win. Thus keeping the emphasis and encouragement on scoring goals, and attacking, exciting football. While giving a lot lot more time to practicing and perfecting penalty techniques suiting all.

The very thrilling Carling cup game (2 dec'09) between Blackburn and Chelsea would've been a great example in the current League situation where Chelsea would only need the point they would currently have got for a mild boost with a point gained for drawing. Turning the tables with the penalties.
    I think this would benefit our national side as coaches etc. would be forced to study more closely and would have more footage to work from. And we'd be free from the fear of the unknown factor which seems to cause a look of resignation on many a managers face.

In the reply:  I was told that it is very unlikely that the football teams would go for it. ...Why not???

Grass Roots Football (UK -"Soccer")

modified: 10 June 2011

OK. Forget compulsory wins. Although it would make things clear cut and lead to exciting finales. But there are too many games in the league to warrant the extra time that goes with this by tradition.

A good alternative, for many reasons is to look at grass roots football. Here it isn't quite so serious, though; yes, try to tell me that when I was a child! But still if a standard round of penalties were played after a draw. Just 3 or 5 penalties, with no sudden deaths if the respective penalties result in a draw. So draws can still exist but players get in plenty of penalty practice when young which can only benefit the senior game.

I wrote to the organising football body, emailing them about this and got a response! They sent me contact details of every club in the country and basically said that it was in their hands. I do not have the time or energy to contact every club in the land/s. So perhaps enough people will read this and if they like it, advertise it well enough on phone ins and conversations that some-one may take notice.

I feel sure this will benefit the game. Penalties are an exciting situation, no-one likes to lose by them, but who likes to lose anyway? And as draws aren't eliminated with no league -sudden death played. Where the turn goes down the list of players until one player misses and the other scores. Then we still get to experience as juniors that which senior players do.


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