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Fantasy Football Team Names: An Awesome Team Deserves A Great Name

Updated on October 20, 2013

Fantasy Football 2012 - Pick The Right Team Name And Watch Your Opponents Turn Green With Envy

Fantasy football has become a great way to get involved in football beyond your favorite team as well as having a lot of fun between friends. One of my favorite times of the new season is when me and my pals get together to name our team and draft the players. A lot of groups may like to use the same name each year, but ours like to have a different one each season - and it has to be memorable.

The team names found below are certainly aimed at fantasy football fans, but can be used in almost any other fantasy sports team (basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc.). Don't be afraid to re-visit during another time in the year. With a little tweaking; I'm sure you can come up with a cool name to fit any type of sport.

Though I can take credit for coming up with some of the team names on this list, a lot of them do come from fellow fantasy football owners. To this, I owe them my gratitude, as does any other group who is looking for a perfect name for their team. I would also like to add that while there is over 500 fantasy team names on this list, I plan to keep adding to it as the years go by. If I find or come up with a name that I feel a fantasy owner would enjoy, I'm putting it on the list. I hope you find a name you like, and good luck on your season.

Photo courtesy of Nathan Rupert / flickr.

Cardinals Giants Football: East Rutherford , NJ - Giants Defense

12 x 8 in. Photographic Print

Buy for $14.99

Tips That Will Help You Come Up With Good Fantasy Team Names

  • Keep in mind that you can change your team name anytime you want in most cases. As far as that goes, you could use the city you live in, favorite movie or favorite player to come up with a good name.
  • A good name for a fantasy team should sound good when taunting or bragging to your opponents.
  • Use one of your favorite NFL or college teams as the basis for your fantasy team name.
  • If you're feeling really creative you can combine a current player, a piece of anatomy and a pop-culture reference to come up with the perfect fantasy sports team name.

Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, USA

24 x 8 in. Photographic Print

Buy for $29.99

12th Man

2nd Half Comeback Kings

3rd And Out

3 X

4th And 1

4th Phase

9 Cylinder

17 Weeks of Pain

40 Sacks

Adrenaline Junkies

AFC Dreadnoughts

Air It Out

Albuquerque All Stars

All Stars In Training

Armchair Quarterbacks

Army of Darkness

Arrowhead Collectors

A-Town (Atlanta)

A-Train Of Pain

At The Forty


Axis of Offense

Back To The Super Bowl

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Odors

Bald Men 7

Baltimore Admirals

Band of Brothers

Barbarians at the Great

Barbers For Hire

Bearded Anglers

Bear Soldiers (Chicago Bears)

Be The Ball

Between the Drinks

Big Blue Wrecking Crew

Big Time Rush

Black Hole Sun

Blitzville, Inc.

Blocking Bruisers

Blood, Sweat and Chicken Wings

Blue Balls of Destiny


Boldin The Beautiful

Bomb Squad

Born To Play

Boy's Night Out

Brady's Boys

Brighter Than The Moon

Bronco Busters

Brown Assassins

Bush Attack

Butkus Club

Cajan Crawdads

Cardiac Club

Cardiac Kids

Carolina Colossus

Carry Me Home

Casper and Friends


Celebratory Dreaming


Chargers of the Light Brigade

Chicago Blue

Chiefs of Pain


Chili Con Carnage

Cool Brees

Cool Seven

Cornbread Fed

Curb Service

Da Bears

Da Broncos

Da Chargers

Da Colts

Da Dolphins

Da Giants

Da Texans

Dark Horse

Dark Siders

Daylight Come and You Gotta Delhomme

Death Dealers

Death To Kickers


Detroit Kings

Diesel Jockeys

Dirty Birds

Dog Pound

Doom Patrol

Dorsett Devils

Doughnut Club

Dream Killers

Dukes of Carolina

Easy Street

Emperors of the Midway

Empire State of Mind

Everybody Talks Smack

Fair Catch

Falcon Quest

Falling Fast

False Start

Fat Man Dance

Feel Like Falling Down

FFT (Fantasy Football Team)

Fig Newtons

Fire It Up

First and Ten

First Down

First Response

Fish Trouble

Flash 80

Football Addiction Clinic

Football 4 Ever

Football Hero

Forte Yard Dash

Fort Knox Fighters

Fourth Down

Front Four

Frostbite Gang

Frosted Flaccos

Full Speed Ahead

Fumble Stumblers

Gang Green

Get Off My Ditka

Get Ready For Violence

Get Rich Or Die Trying

Giant Killers


Goal Line Stand

Goblins of Baltimore

Good Reception

Good Times


Greatest Show On Turf

Green Bullies, The

Gridiron Offensive

Guaranteed Win


Hackers Transformed

Hearts of Darkness

Heavy Lifting

Helmet To Helmet

Here For Beer

Hogs of Arizona

Hot Dogs

House of Pain


Ice Bath Experts

I'm Sexy Addai Know It

Intentional Grounding

Interception Deception


Joystick Cowboys

Junkyard Dogs

Kansas City Madmen

Kelly's Heroes


Killer Bees

King of Tannehill

Kings of Texas

Kings of the Jungle (Detroit Lions)

Large Line-Up

Lateral Pass

Left For Dead

Lights Out

Linebacker Kings

Little Rascals

Long Snappers

Loose Ends

Lost In The Woodson

Love Just A Tittle

Mad Ducks

Madden's Enforcers

Mass Chaos

Match-Up Problems

Mega Franchise

Megatron's Cohorts

Men In Motion

Midway Monsters

Mike Vick In A Box

Mile High Quarterbacks

Minus Two


Missing Pieces

Mix It Up

Monday Night Squad

Monsters of the Midway

Moon Over Miami

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (Packers)

My Favorite Martin

Namath Your Price

Natural Talent

Neutral Zone

New England Monarchs

New York Jet Setters

New York Sack Exchange

Nickel Defense

Ninjas In Disguise

No Punt Intended

Not This Way, Elway

Oakland 5

Obscene Celebrations

Old School

One Inch Score

On The Field

Outer Space Menace

Out of Bounders

Overtime Fun

Pack Attack

Peyton's Place

Pigskin Rippers


Player Haters


Point of No Return

Pro Genes

Proven To Work

Puppet Masters

Purple Cobras

Purple People Eaters

Purple Raiders

Q-Tip Club

Raider Nation

Rapid Loss

Rated M

Rated R For Gore

Ravenous Ravens

Ravens Devastation

Ray Lewis Pain Makers

Reality Challenged


Red Knights

Refrigerator Raiders

Revenge of the Buffalo

Rice On Water

Rice Rice Baby


Riding The Bus

Rocky Mountain Hitmen

Roethlisberger, Hold The Mayo

Sacked By Sapp

Sacks To Be Cutler

Saints And Sinners

Second Down

Scared Hitless

Scouting For TD's

Scout Team

Severed Heads

Shot In The Dark

Show Me The Money


Slap From A Pimp

Sleeping Dogs

Sloppy Thirds

Smack Talk Kings

Softer Than Cottonelle

South Side Lunatics


Speed Demons

Spider Men

Spoon Fanatics

Starr Light, Starr Bright

Steel Curtain Assassins

Steelers For Life

Steeler Nation

Super Fly

Tackle Dummies

Tailgaters for Life

Tattoo Do-Gooders

Team Tailgate

The Aftermath

The Big Bens

The Big Picture

The Freaks

The Good, The Bad and the Detroit Lions

The Posse

The Ones

The Sand Lott

Third Down

Thunder and Lightning

Titans In Training

Too Sexy

Touchback Attack

Touchdown Jesus

Trench Busters

Triple Threat

Tundra On Fire

Underdog Pimps


Walk of Life


Who Dat Nation

Win Some, Newsome

Wolf Pack

Zebra Assassins

Sports Illustrated (1-year)
Sports Illustrated (1-year)

I have been getting this magazine since I was twenty years old and actually have had a few issues framed and hung on my wall. If you're into sports, this is a must have. There's not much else to say here.

Amazon gives you an option to get an auto renewal as well - if interested.


Dwight Clark - "The Catch"

20 x 16 in. Photo

Buy for $39.99

Good Music And Good Sports Go Hand In Hand - Songs that can psych out your oppenent.

We've got three main fantasy league teams in my area. During football season, we get together every weekend to watch games. These songs (among others) are always playing in the background before start time. It sets up a great atmosphere that everyone seems to like. Of course, once the games start, the music is turned off and the trash talking begins.

100 Proof

6th Round Surprise

Always A Good Time

Angry Beavers

Another Level

Another One Bites The Dust

Best Villains

Bikini Zone

Black Widows

Blonde Bombers

Burning Down The House

Call It A Day

Change of Possession


Crazy Eight

Daisy Chains

Dallas Cowgirls

Double Trouble

Electric Slide

Elves of New England

Eye Candy Destruction

Eyes Up

First Expansion

Forever Young

Forward Pass

French Toast Mafia

Fun Bunch

Girl's Night Out

Give A Shut Out To The Boys

Going Down

Greater Philadelphia

Green Bay Chicks

Green Bay Psychics

Hail Mary's

Hit and Run


House of the Rising Sun

Ice Cream Bandits

Ladies In The End Zone

Lambeau Ladies

Lollipop Lovers

Lovesick For Brady

Lucky Charms

Make-Up Mamas

Might Have Been

Miami Hi-Five

Multiple Scoregasms

Mustang Sallie

No Rest For The Wicked

Not Rich Enough

Nuns of New Orleans

One Voice


Patty's Patriots

Penalty Queens

Picked Off

Pretty Panthers

Prime Time Divas



Regular Season Rebellion

Romo Hellraisers

Single Ladies

Sinners And Saints

Slash and Dash

Snap Dragons

Sudden Desires

Sugar Friction

Sunday Night Party Crowd

Tender Mercies

Texas Cheerleaders

The Cat House

The Who

Thunder In The Distance

Tight End Delight

Touchdown Teases

Trigger Happy Playmates

Uptown Girls

Vicious And Delicious

Victorious Secret

Water Girls

Wake Up In My Make-Up

What Happens In Vegas

When No One One Is Looking


Wild Women Of Seattle, The

Witches of Washington


If you're looking for a magazine with colorful photos and cool sports information that is more for entertainment purposes, then this may be for you. I have several friends who love it just for that reason. They want something light.

If you want more serious sports stories, then stick with Sports Illustrated.


Feel free to suggest some cool team names or comment on what you think about the lens. - Any and all fantasy sports names are welcome.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      A kick to the Crosby

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Organized Chaos

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Our group is the Baltimore Moms. The Ravens rule!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's a good feeling to be the leader in your fantasy league, just don't let it go to your head until Monday night is over.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We named our fantasy football team "Nothing But Trouble" this year because 4 of the girls in our 6 girl group has spent a night in jail.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Lot of great names here. Lost in the Woodson is a good one. Lost on Revis Island would be good for a jet fan.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I actually know a girl group called the Crazy Eights. Maybe they got the name from here?

    • Tobint44 LM profile image

      Tobint44 LM 

      6 years ago

      I love Sacks to be Cutler, can't stand the Bears.

    • Tonto Murray profile image

      Tonto Murray 

      6 years ago

      Funny list. Great compilation. Blessings to you.

    • MrMojo01 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great list!

    • bearlane profile image


      6 years ago

      nice list of names, I like A-train of pain the most! lol!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great ideas - thanks for sharing! :)


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