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Manchester United - West Ham : Only louver ... " Sledge hammers "

Updated on March 13, 2016

MU - West Ham , 23:00 , 13/3 , FA Cup quarter-final

( MU - West Ham , 23:00 , 13/3 , FA Cup quarter-final ) has just lost to Manchester United against Liverpool at Anfield weakness and not much chance to go forward in the Europa League . Hopes rest probably just look at the FA Cup . But West Ham this season are not easily bullied .

In the Premier League, "the Hammers" also surpassed Manchester United to win 5th place and are five top 4 finishing bared end of the season for the Champions League. From the beginning of the season, West Ham and played with extremely stable performance. 20 recent games, they only lost 2 and won 9 victories. Last week, teachers Bilic has an impressive 3-2 win against the current right at Everton.

West Ham are playing extremely well when confronting the big teams this season. In seven encounters "Big Five" of the season, West Ham unbeaten, winning five victories. In the closest to Old Trafford, they also led MU to accept the score 0-0 in the first leg of the English Premier League this season.

There's no further say, plays in the FA Cup match before the main West Ham made the kind of Liverpool, just for MU opponent to admit defeat for password recovery center in the Europa League.

MU is in crisis in terms of force, spirit and style of play will be very easy to become the next victim of "The hammer" the oldest tournament in the history of this season. It could be "pull the trigger" Van Gaal gone off in disgrace after his poor performance and "Reds" this season.


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