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Freshwater Fish Art

Updated on November 25, 2014

Freshwater Fish - Fishing Artwork

This page offers information on a wide range of freshwater fish art, including photography, paintings, sketches, line drawings, Gyotaku, sculptures, wooden fish, fish decoys and other fish-related artwork.

Freshwater Fish T Shirts - Sweatshirts

T-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel are popular for displaying freshwater fish art. Most anglers spend at least some time fishing in cool weather and a fishing-related sweatshirt is almost always a welcome addition to their wardrobe. T-shirts (tee shirts) are worn year round in a variety of settings. Part of the appeal of fishing apparel is due to people's desire to express themselves and be recognized as a fishing enthusiasts. Online stores such as fish_fishing_seafood have fishing shirts of every type imaginable.

Most Popular North American Freshwater Fish

The sunfish family (Centrarchidae) includes many of the fishes familiar to Americans, including largemouth, smallmouth and rock bass, bluegill, pumpkinseed, and crappies. The family's 27 species are native only to North America.

The chain pickerel is one of 3 popular members of the pike family. The species is named for its pattern of chain-like markings along its flanks. Other distinctive markings include black bars beneath each eye. Like other pike species, chain pickerel prefer quiet areas of aquatic vegetation or other cover where they lie in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey.

Northern pike have a pattern of light colored spots on a darker body. Pike lurk in the vegetation in the clear, shallow, warm waters near shore, although they may move to somewhat deeper areas during periods of high water temperatures. Their preferred food size is much larger than most other freshwater fish species.

The muskellunge is the largest member of the pike family. Muskies have a long cylindrical body and intimidating appearance. As with other pike, the jaws are shaped like a duck's bill, but the mouth is armed with fang-like teeth. The muskellunge is an efficient predator, lurking in plants, around submerged logs or other cover, waiting to strike unsuspecting prey. The average muskellunge is 28-48 inches in length, weighing 5-25 pounds, although trophy fish have been reported to reach 100 pounds and exceed 5 feet in length.

Trout and salmon are also very popular in freshwater fishing art. Several species live either in freshwater, or adopt anadromous life cycles; spending part of their lives at sea and returning to their original hatching ground to spawn. Some anadromous fish such as steelhead rainbow trout survive after spawning, usually returning to the ocean to start the anadromous cycle once again.

Brook trout are gray, with patterns of red, yellow and orange, topped off with cream spots and white tipped fins. They are typically smaller than other trout. On average, brook trout reach sizes of 7-12 inches, but serious anglers may achieve catches of 18 inches or more. Brook trout are closely related to the char sub-group, which includes lake trout, bull trout, Dolly Varden and arctic char.

Lake trout are another member of the "char" sub-group of salmonine fishes; distinct from the "true" trout and salmon. Lake trout have small, light, irregular shaped spots on a silvery-to-dark background although color can vary considerably depending on seasons and local conditions.

Rainbow trout are one of the most respected and sought after North American trout. Rainbow trout occur as both freshwater resident and sea-run races. These colorful trout are native to western North America, but have been widely introduced to waters throughout the USA, Canada and other countries around the world.

Brown trout are native to Europe and Asia but have been stocked successfully in the North America and other regions. Freshwater brown trout vary color from silvery with few spots and a white belly, to the typical brown fading to creamy white on the fish's belly, with medium-sized spots surrounded by lighter coloration. The silver forms of brown trout are sometimes mistaken for rainbow trout.

Arctic char are among the northernmost of all freshwater and saltwater fish. This species is a member of the Salmonidae family which includes salmon and trout. Arctic char are found in both freshwater and saltwater in Arctic, sub-Arctic and alpine lakes and coastal waters in the northern hemisphere.

Fishing Log Book

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      5 years ago

      Some of these would look great in my son's room. Thanks for the ideas!


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