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Funny and Outrageous Fantasy Baseball Team Names for 2014

Updated on March 9, 2014

It's time again for another exciting fantasy baseball season, but more importantly it's also time to find another great fantasy baseball team name. This list of over one hundred funny, clever, and sometimes outrageous names was compiled to help you find one that works best for your team and personality. Good luck finding a name and good luck with your 2014 fantasy baseball season.

Shadow of a Trout

Mike Trout, OF, Los Angelese Angels of Anaheim
Mike Trout, OF, Los Angelese Angels of Anaheim | Source

The New Bryce Age

Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals
Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals | Source

Bitches Brew Crew

Bitches Brew, Miles Davis, 1970
Bitches Brew, Miles Davis, 1970

Braun Bandits

Ryan Braun, OF, Milwaukee Brewers
Ryan Braun, OF, Milwaukee Brewers | Source

We've Thrown A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez, 3B, New York Yankees
Alex Rodriguez, 3B, New York Yankees | Source

Great Balls of Fiers

Mike Fiers, SP, Milwaukee Brewers
Mike Fiers, SP, Milwaukee Brewers | Source

Weiss Squad

Walt Weiss, Manager, Colorado Rockies
Walt Weiss, Manager, Colorado Rockies | Source

To Be Chris Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

1) Shadow of a Trout

2) The New Bryce Age

3) Pestano Control

4) Great Balls of Fiers

5) Ridin' the Cain Train

6) Maness Boy

7) Kozma Kramer

8) Fruit Loups

9) Mota Mouth

10) The Thrill is Ogando

11) Bros Before L.J. Hoes

12) Kohn Heads

13) Are Yu Experienced

14) I Feel Fien

15) Red Solano Cup

16) Ruggiano Rats

17) Detwilers No Honest Man Can Pay

18) Bitches Brew Crew

19) Rockies Horror Picture Show

20) Nyjer Here Nor There

21) Grandal Torino

22) Motte the Hoople

23) Scratch My Ichiro

24) Lunatic Inge

25) Duda Looks Like a Lady

26) Lough Tracks

27) The Rauch Motel

28) Halladay Inn Express

29) Mad for Musial

30) Tango and Cashner

31) Cowgills Don't Cry

32) Chaka Cain

33) Lohse Bisquit

34) Morse Gods

35) Killer of Giants

36) Jhonny Peralta Got His Gun

37) Morrow Majority

38) Romophobia

39) Weiss Squad

40) I'll Die with No Friends and a Gwynn on My Face

41) Choo On This

42) Fowler Child

43) Lohse Change

44) Fowler Shop Girl

45) Yu Feel Lucky Punk?

46) Correia on My Wayward Son

47) Puffed Bryce

48) Ruf Around the Edges

49) Bryce Bryce Baby

50) Utley on the Inside

51) Everything is Going to be Aoki

52) Sherlock Gomes

53) Anti-Freese

54) The Bryce Squad

55) Haren a Braid

56) Fried Bryce

57) It's Not Right, But It's Aoki

58) Span of Time

59) Stanton Island

60) Aoki Corral

61) Dropping a Boesch

62) Lohse Lips

63) Biz Marquis

64) Kid Rauch

65) Goblet of Fiers

66) Morse Power

67) Are Yu Give Up Already

68) Can't Holt Me Down

69) Defcon Choo

70) In LaHair Tonight

71) Fight the Reds Menace

72) Big Schott

73) Ruf and Raw

74) Adams for Peace

75) Haren My Ears

76) Goins, Goins, Gone

77) Chone Temple Pilots

78) Love On the Rox

79) Money, Cashner, Hoes

80) Come On Baby Light My Fiers

81) Weiss Cracking

82) Hotter Than Fiers

83) Bit Off More Than I Could Choo

84) Trout Farm

85) Solano System

86) Braun Bandits

87) Neverland Rauch

88) Fowler Power

89) Loney Birds

90) Freese Dried Hippies

91) Maybin Next Beer

92) Ankiel Breakers

93) Wake Up Miggy

94) Lohse Stool

95) Ankiel Grabbers

96) Party Like a Rauch Star

97) Ruf and Tumble

98) Rauch the Pot

99) Duda Diligence

100) Laird Head

Extra Innings:

Halladay Hangover

Mind If I Do A JJ

Even Cowgills Get the Blues

The Next Dillon

To Be Chris Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

Chicken Heads and Pagans

Chase What Matters

Adcock and Balls

Drew the Short Straw


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