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Surfers Love Using Future Fins

Updated on December 4, 2010

Future Fins Improve Your Surfing

If you already know how to surf and you are wishing to improve your ability, Try buying a surfboard that is using the future fin system. You might be surprised at the increased speed and control that you will have from this innovative design.

I bought a custom made surfboard from Tom Nielson,he recommended Future Fins for a multitude of reasons. More speed and drive down the line means you are able to do more maneuvers. But if you have the speed with out the control you could be in trouble. I have also found that this new fin system actually makes the surfboard last longer. Therefore making it more valuable.

Just my opinion. Certainly many pro surfers are using Future Fins and having great results with the system. Try to learn about the surfing equipment that is used in your area first. Just because some big wave surfer is using special equipment is no reason for you to go out and buy the gear. More than likely it is not suited for your area! So use common sense when buying any surf equipment.

One might ask , What the nice lady has to do with Future Fins? Ahh Nothing!

Future Fins


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