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The Geathers Family of football players

Updated on July 25, 2015

The First Family of D-Linemen

A look at a huge, prolific family of defensive linemen from South Carolina.

The oldest two are Jumpy and Robert Sr., followed by their very successful sons.

Jumpy Geathers

Robert Geathers Sr.

Robert Geathers Jr. (pictured)

Clifton Geathers

Kwame Geathers

Jeremy Geathers

Clayton Geathers (DB)* Draffted by the Indianapolis Colts in 2015.

Jarvis Geathers

The Geathers Football Family Tree

Robert Geathers Jr.

College: University of Georgia

Position: DE

Pro career: Cincinnati Bengals

Family connection: Son of Robert Sr.

Jumpy Geathers

6'7" 290 lbs.

College: Wichita State

Position: DT

Pro Career: NFL (1984-1996) - member of the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints.

Family Connection: Brother of Robert Geathers Sr and father of Jeremy.

Kwame Geathers

6'6" 326 lbs


April 2013: Signed as an undrafted free-agent with the San Diego Chargers. Read more here.

College: University of Georgia

Position: Nose Guard/Defensive Tackle

Family Connection: Son of Robert Geathers Sr.

Robert Geathers Sr.

College: South Carolina State

Position: Defensive Line

Family Connection: Father to Clifton, Kwame and Robert Jr.

Clifton Geathers

6'7" 299 lbs.


College: South Carolina

Position: DT

Pro Career: Member of the Dallas Cowboys (2010-2011), Colts (2012), Eagles (2013).

Family Connection: Son of Robert Sr. and brother to Kwame and Robert Jr.

CLIFTON GEATHERS: 2010 SEASON HIGHLIGHTS - University of South Carolina

Jeremy Geathers

6'2" 256 lbs.

College: UNLV

Position: DE

Currently: A member of the Arena League's Chicago Storm. He has also spent time in the Canadian Football League and the NFL.

Family connection: Jumpy Geathers' son.

Jarvis Geathers

University of Central Florida

High School: Andrews High School

Defensive End (2008-2009; UCF)

FATHER: Jump Geathers

BROTHER: Jeremy Geathers (UNLV)

Clayton Geathers


Defensive Back

College: University of Central Florida

Carver's Bay High School (SC)

COUSIN: Jarvis Geathers (former UCF DE)

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Go Dawgs! Kwame played here from 2009-2012.


Other sports families... - Who are some other families who've sent multiple people to the pros?

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