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Gerber Gator Jr Machete Review

Updated on August 31, 2014

The run down

This is a light and versatile machete with a smooth blade on one side and a saw blade on the other. It has a nice rubber grip that is comfy and the safety lanyard keeps your hand from jumping over the blade.

Did I mention it's lightweight and is easy to store in a day-pack.



  • Overall Length: 18.75"
  • Blade Length: 10.75"
  • Weight: 14.30 oz.
  • High Carbon steel blade

Review 1

In a nut shell






a good buy for the money.

Various Uses

Machetes are great for light clearing of brush, vines and the like which may obstruct passage through highly grown up trails and paths. This one features a saw blade on one side for removing branches that are to big to chop with the smooth blade. Remember this is not an ax. I have used machetes throughout my life and have usually bought the cheaper ones. I have used them camping, hiking, hunting and during my military operations.

This particular tool feels great in the hand; as if you were born with it already attached. Gerber is on their game with this tool. While it can be used as a weapon; it's primary purpose is a tool or implement to assist in outdoor living/ recreation. I am in no way advocating any violent usage except for clearing vines and brush from your path.

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Hiking and Camping

AHHH, the great outdoors!!! Ouch, oh, wait a minute....

Tired of those hold a second vines that do just that. You need a versatile and lightweight tool that is strong enough to take on the challenge at hand. Watch my video review of the product that I think is right for everyday excursions in the great outdoors.

These tools are great for camping when you need some firewood or for work around the campsite. I have been an outdoor enthusiast for years; especially thanks to Uncle Sam!! But this is one tool I wish I had in my gear bag a long time ago.

In Action


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