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Get a Grip. Get Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks.

Updated on October 26, 2015

Sometimes you've got a brand new pedicure and pretty pink toes. Sometimes the toes just aren't presentable. Whether taking a yoga class, or a dance class, or a barre class, you want to cover your feet, but shoes are not appropriate- or allowed.

When you can't be barefoot, consider these socks with little grip dots on the bottom.

The socks need to grip the yoga mat so you don't you the splits instead of tree pose or warrior. They need to grip the floor so that one leg can be secure up on the barre, while the standing leg stays stable.

Why do you need toes sewn in? Remember those rainbow knee socks from the 70's?

Well, these socks have lycra (stretchy material) so they grip around the arch, heels and toes like a tight skin. Wear these socks when you can't wear shoes but you need traction. The individual toes just add to the grip. The material is thin enough that you can point and flex every single piggie. The little dots on each toe stick to the mat.

The dots look cute too.

Choose from pink dots, green dots, or grey dots on black socks. They last forever. I wash them with all of my other laundry, throwing them into the dryer too. Who needs a pedicure, when you can have cute little dots on your toes.

Grippy socks keep you warm.

If you are doing yoga outside and need gloves, Gaiam also makes fingerless gloves with pretty little sticky dots.

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