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Getting In Shape For GOLF - Your Hobby

Updated on November 24, 2014

GOLF - Your Hobby

Golf is an interesting hobby which is a fun way to keep fit and mingle with friends with a common interest. You may find yourself wearing the latest golf fashion, playing with the finest golf clubs and receiving fine golf related accessories from your family and friends at christmas and your birthday. But are you fit enough to play the game. Is your body strong , flexible and conditioned enough to last nine or eighteen holes?

This lens covers awareness of the golf game and your body plus ways of getting in shape for GOLF - your hobby.

Being In Shape For Golf

Knowing The Game and What Parts of the Body Are Used

Golfers should understand:

1. the mechanics of the golf game

2. what body parts, like the main muscle groups, that are involved in a golf game , for example, for the swing and follow through.

3. what golf can do for your body.

Golfers use their:

1. upper bodies during their swing and follow through

2. abdominal region

A strong core will give you balance and power for your swing, and will also protect your lower back during the swinging action of windup , swing and release.. The weaker your core is allowed to become, the more potential risk there is for back injuries, sometimes serious enough to keep you from playing golf for days.

The core is just as important as the upper body.

3. lower bodies between each swing

The lower back is important in a game of golf as you are standing on your legs for each swing and walking frequently. Strong thigh muscles will allow for stability in your stance and will allow you more power for your swing and long drives. You can think of your legs as the starting point of your swing, and imagine yourself drawing power up from your quadriceps, through your core and up into your arms and shoulders, traveling into the forearm and out through the shaft of your club.


Discovering If You Are In Shape For Golf

Picture This

You have just had an amazing game of golf with your friends. You shower, change clothing, throw your gear into the car boot and drive home via the supermarket for a food top up. After the food has been put away you fall asleep on the sofa. Then you wake up........ and realize you are soooo... sore that you can hardly move.

How did this happen?

Was it your game of golf that did it??

Maybe you did not stretch after your golf game.

Maybe you are not in shape for golf.

What You Can Do

No matter whether you are a beginner or advanced player, you must be physically fit and in shape for golf, just like for any other sport. If you are inproperly conditioned , then golf can be a major danger to your shoulders, hips and lower back.

You need to find a fitness regime which you follow at least three times a week.

You need to warm up and stretch your muscles before you hit that first ball.

You need to warm down and stretch your muscles after you have hit that last ball.

Your body is the best equipment you have and it is free, unique and irreplaceable. Taking care of it will enable you to enjoy many games and have great fun with your friends. Maybe getting in shape for golf could interest you.


Golf Exercises

For Health, Strength and Fitness

1. Walk or Use a Treadmill

You need to build stamina / endurance and strengthen cardiovascular system.

As there is a lot of walking in golf , use a treadmill or betterstill, take to the fresh air and walk.

Start slowly and build up. Aim for 5 miles / walk. If you can do this easily , them add distance, hills, speed.

It is very important to keep a strong heart.

2. Strength Training with Weights

This is to

~ target shoulders, upper back, biceps and forearm muscles.

~ help keep weight down as muscle has a higher metabolism than fat

~ protect the body parts that you use during golf

When you swing you use your shoulder and other body muscles, core and leg muscles.

You need to work every muscle group, not just your upper body muscles. You can use a variety of different sized weights. The lower weights condition smaller working muscles and can be lifted at higher repetitions. Make sure you work your abdominal muscles to strengthen your core for protection of lower back and to give you balance and stabilization during your stance, swing and follow through.

Find objects at home to lift , anywhere, or go to the gym.

3. Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

You can do STRETCHING EXERCISES before a game of golf to warm up your muscles and after a game of golf to release any tension and built up lactic acid.

Flexible muscles are less prone to overstretching and injury and will also help with stability and movement.

Please remember to follow a fitness regime using the kinds of exercises mentioned above, at least three times a week. As you build up strength and flexibility you can increase the number of exercises over more days.

Getting In Shape For Golf

Golf Fitness Challenge

If you are interested in getting in shape for golf by improving your stamina, endurance, cardiovascular strength, muscle strength and flexibilty and hence your overall fitness then you could be up for the Golf Fitness Challenge. You will not only learn about fitness and improving your game, but you will be exposed to a nutrition and effective weight management plan.

You will feel and see the difference in your body and your game.

Getting In Shape for golf and being properly fit will give you more strength, a better game and a more enjoyable outing.

Aer you ready for golf?

The bottom line is that you need to find a fitness regime to suit you and golf, at least three times per week and at every golf game you play you need to stretch before the and after the game to prevent injury.

So what is it to be?

Lying on the couch in pain and unable to move.


Fit and Healthy and able to enjoy playing amazing games of golf with your golfing buddies.

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