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5 Fun Gift Ideas for Anglers

Updated on April 28, 2015

A Great Catch

Whether you go out with your angler every weekend or don't even really know what the word angler means, you can still buy a birthday gift for the fisherman in your life that makes him jump with joy.

There are different kinds of fishing and different kinds of fishermen. Women love to fish as well as men. So if you have a lady angler on your list, be sure to check out products made just for her size and build.

Based on popular opinion, these are five good ways to start your shopping for the fishing gift for him. . . or her!

Flickr Photo Credit: Swift Benjamin

1. The Fish Grip

Ok, this gift is a no-brainer!

You need something to grip your fish with, right. And most fish grips rust or corrode at some point in their lives. Fish Grips make it easy to hold fish and are safer for both the fish and fisherman. So stock up on a bunch of these so your guy can hold up the Big One that didn't get away for his photo shoot.

Find Fish Grips in all colors at The Fish Grip and More

How the Fish Grip Works

2. "Breathe like a Fish" Fishing Shirt

These shirts offer protection from the sun and also help keep the fisherman cool.

If he's going to be out there in the blazing heat or even just sitting quietly at the pond's edge, he's going to need protection from the elements. The brand BLAF makes some really fine colors and options that will keep sweat from ruining a perfectly good day of fishing.

Get this great gift at

Take a Look at Breathe Like a Fish Apparel

3. A New Rod

When it comes to rods, no two are exactly alike. Each fisherman is going to want a reel that suits his specific sporting needs. But you can gift your fisherman with a gift certificate for a new pole and let him pick it out himself.

If your angler loves fishing in fresh water, as opposed to ocean, water, go for Shakespeare. Shakespeare fishing rods have long been associated with fantastic fishing, especially in freshwater.

When any fisherman thinks of one of the best all-purpose freshwater rods available on the market today, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik comes to mind. Shakespeare fishing rods are an American classic, and deserves its high regard in both affordability and functionality in the world of freshwater rods.

4. Pro Cure Scents

Ever wonder why some fishermen take in big hauls while others go home empty handed?

They rely on certain scents that are alluring to fish! Just a few of the scents that you can get are the ever scrumptious squid, sardine, and crab. You just put it on your lure and the fish come running.

Be sure to pick the scent that will attract the fish your fishermen are going for, as each fish reacts differently to different scents.

Find all the scents you could need at Pro-Cure

5. A New Reel

Popular vote has it that Daiwa makes the best reels out there.

For those who are lake or shoreline fishermen, you can't beat these reels for affordability or spinner quality.

The last thing any angler wants is a knotted line and a low capacity range. These reels are both tangle free and have long line capabilities. So your angler can cast off knowing he's using precision mechanisms that will get the big ones.

Daiwa Reels to Catch the Big Ones!

Bonus Gift - Fun Fishing Gift Baskets

Image Credit for above items....
Image Credit for above items.... | Source

If you're not confident enough to pick out fishing gear, then you can't lose with a fishing gift basket. Some great items you'll find in gift baskets are delicious snacks and thoughtful fishing themed keepsakes.

Find the above gift baskets at

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Ready, Set, Shop!

If you're not sure you know a reel from a lure, get some insider info before shopping for your angler. There are many great sites devoted to fishing supplies. And you can read all about the products before you buy.

Better yet, have your recipient make a list and you can just go hunting by product name online. It couldn't be simpler. Just be sure to check the Better Business Bureau's rating of the company and its return policy before you buy.

Do you like to fish? What gift would you appreciate?

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    • profile image

      dessertlover 6 years ago

      My dad, brother and fiance are all big fishermen, I can always find them fishing lures or gadgets. I love giving them gifts that I know they will use.

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

      squid-pinkchic18 6 years ago

      Great ideas! My husband loves to fish and he would for sure love any of these gifts. He's always checking out new fishing rods so I think that'd be the one he would go for. lol great job here!

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 6 years ago

      Fantastic lens! Love the fish grip and the video on how to use it. Just went fishing at my in-laws and wish I had one of these.