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gimmicks Vince should have pushed and Teddy Hart

Updated on January 4, 2011
Razor Ramon
Razor Ramon
Elijah Burke
Elijah Burke

Teddy Hart info

Bad issues with Teddy, wasted talent.

Real name: Teddy Annis, real height: 5'10" (sometimes billed no more than 6'1"), weight: close between 195-212 lbs., eyes: brown, hair: black or dark brown, nationality: Canadian (half British Isle and half Greek (father's last name Annis is sometimes Greek, plus Teddy's ambiguous dark looks)), wrestling styles: various excluding power based, companies: various indy, WWE development, TNA & AAA (in Mexico), children: yes, one son.

The big issue with Teddy is that he is very hard to work with. In the wrestling business trust and understanding is needed to operate efficiently. Plus like other companies whether sports or a regular 9 to 5 people have to be on their best behavior. Teddy has been let go by the WWE twice, the first time they did they let him back and within a short time was let go again. To be let go quickly not from poor wrestling but attitude is a red flag. Something also tell me he has been like this in the indy wrestling circuit. One thing that is clear Teddy is a very talented wrestler. He to me is more talented than the rest of the Hart family and he has learned the ropes well.  Afterward he went to TNA for a while then in a deal to trade talent went to AAA in Mexico. Even there he had many demands, although the program is in spanish hard cursing on TV and other wrestlers (including in the States) had issue with his injurious techniques. The only wrestler who seems to be able to work with him is Jack Evans, who was wrestling with him from start in The Dungeon and in Canada. In early 2010 AAA suspended him. I haven't seen him on AAA since nor know where he will go. In this business wrestlers can't burn their bridges, he should have learned from Konnan while working for AAA.


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