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Girls Gymnastics

Updated on November 18, 2012

Where to Start with Girls Gymnastics

All across the country little girls will be watching womens gymnastics at the 2012 Olympics. If your daughter is one of them or if her best friend just started a girls' gymnastics class -- you may soon be a gymnastics parent.

You may be unsure of where to start on the gymnastics journey with your daughter, but never fear! Many of your questions will be answered as you explore this introduction to girls' gymnastics. Discover the best ways to encourage and inspire your daughter as she begins her gymnastics training (and have some fun along the way, too).

A New Idol, Hero, Role Model for Girls Gymnastics - Gabby Doublas wins Gold Medal for U.S. in All-Around Gymnast at 2012 Summer Olympics

Gabby Douglas - From a Girls Gymnast to Olympic Champion

Hear from Gabby Douglas's mother about raising Gabby.

The start of a floor routine pass.

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Info on Girls Beginning in Gymnastics

Getting Started on Girls Gymnastics

Parents whose children have expressed an interest in gymnastics often have two questions: "what age to begin gymnastics?" and "how to find the right gym?" Fortunately, both of these questions have simple answers.

There is no magic age to begin girls' gymnastics. The right age is the age at which your daughter is interested. Some girls begin gymnastics at three or four; others may not begin gymnastics until ten or eleven. Younger children may not be of an age to attend gymnastics competitions, but it's never too early to begin to learn teamwork, co-operation, and the value of hard work.

It is even easier to locate a suitable gym for girls' gymnastics. If you know any parents whose daughters are gymnasts, ask for recommendations. There are also tools online such as this one which can be used to locate reputable gyms in your area. Some important things to consider when selecting a gym are: a clean and well-lit facility with a visitor's viewing area, a good gymnast to instructor ratio so all gymnasts are supervised, no safety concerns, and (most importantly) happy gymnasts.

The inspiring story of a one-armed gymnast

Being born with one arm wasn't enough to dampen Carol Johnston's enthusiasm for sports. By training hard and persevering, she was able to compete in a number of girls' gymnastics events including the 1976 Junior Olympics in Montreal.

Her story was told by Disney in the 1979 short film Lefty to serve as an inspiration and example of how to live with a disability.

Girls' gynmastics leotards - Cute and fun gymnastics clothes for your favorite gymnast

These outfits will make any girl feel like a champion. Getting ready for class should be fun too, right?

Great Things for Girls to Learn from Gymnastics

Gymnastics is not just a fun sport activity for girls. It can also be an educational experience equal to that of any classroom.

A gymnastics class stimulates both mind and body. Physical activities such as this encourages brain development that promotes reading readiness in your children. By doing so, girls show improved attention spans and problem-solving skills, and it improves the self-esteem of impressionable young girls. This is something any parent would want for their daughter.

By encouraging girls to be active in a sport such as girls' gymnastics, we encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. This leads to better overall health and encourages healthy eating habits. After all, you can't exercise regularly like this on a steady diet of junk food! Training like a champion means better overall health for kids.

As if that weren't enough, a gymnastics class is chance for your child to make new friends in a safe environment and have fun along the way. Learning to play well with others is a skill best learned early to be used for that child's entire life.

There are also many physical skills that gymnastics develops that are useful in other sports. So fear not if you think your little girl does not fit the classic petite gymnastics build. She's got a lot to gain from some gymnastics training. Read how would be gymnast became the worlds greatest pole vaulter

A comedic take on girls' gymnastics

Stick It
Stick It

This lighthearted teenage melodrama may be cliched, but because of combination of comedy and the focus on the benefits of teamwork, any older girl or teenager with an interest in gymnastics would find it enjoyable. Even parents will enjoy watching this film with their children.


Read more about girls' gymnastics

Landing on My Feet: A Diary of Dreams
Landing on My Feet: A Diary of Dreams

An in-depth autobiography of a motivated young gymnast.

Letters to a Young Gymnast
Letters to a Young Gymnast

A memoir by the first women's gymnast to achieve a "perfect 10" in the Olympics.

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters
Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters

An insightful and eye-opening view into the darker side of gymnastics training.


Training on the uneven parallel bars.

Great Gift for Girls Who Love Gymnastics

We Sell Mats GM4x8PKv4-50M Pink 2" Thick Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Folding Martial Arts Mats with Hook & Loop Fasteners On 4 Sides Crosslink PE Foam Core
We Sell Mats GM4x8PKv4-50M Pink 2" Thick Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Folding Martial Arts Mats with Hook & Loop Fasteners On 4 Sides Crosslink PE Foam Core

These mats let little girls practice their cartwheels, handstands and other gymnastics at home. They'll find them fun. You'll find them affordable. Great customer reviews say the quality of these is equal to that of much higher priced versions.


On Girl's Gymnastics:

"There will be mistakes, there will be falters. There will be things that are not a part of your plan. See the challenges in your life and accept them and embrace them."

-Dominique Dawes, USA, Three-time Olympian, 1996 Olympic gold medalist (team)

more inspiring gymnastics quotes

Inspire your aspiring gymnast

American Girl dolls do gymnastics

With a little help from their owners, these amazing American Girl dolls perform gymnastics routines. Repeating the routine with one's doll might just help your favorite little girl remember her own routine better!

Poise and concentration while practicing on the balance beam.

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    • kburns421 lm profile image

      kburns421 lm 5 years ago

      I love the part that says, "if her best friend just started a girls' gymnastics class -- you may soon be a gymnastics parent." That is so true haha. I started gymnastics because two of my best friends were in it, and that's how a lot of girls get started. Great lens. Very informative and useful for anyone looking to start their child in gymnastics.