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Goalkeeper Coaching Jobs

Updated on August 3, 2012

Advice on Goalkeeper Coaching Jobs

Are you looking for Goalkeeper Coaching Jobs?

If you are a goalkeeper coach who is looking for a job, please read on.

There are two types of goalkeeper coaches, experienced and inexperienced.


These are the goalkeeper coaches who have played in goal all their playing life at a high level (professional) and now their career has come to an end they have decided to pass on all their goalkeeper coaching experience onto budding young goalkeepers.

This type of coach does not really look for goalkeeper coaching jobs online etc because they generally get jobs through managers who know and trust them. If you have tried to get into a professional soccer club, I am sure you will agree it is very frustrating that it's 'Jobs for the boys' so to speak.

But like in most professions this is how it works, a manger or boss is going to favour someone they know and trust rather than a stranger!

In professional soccer, managers will want the best goalkeeper coach for his goalkeepers and he (quite rightly in my opinion) will only pick a goalkeeper coach who has proved themselves playing at the highest professional level. He will want a DOER running his goalkeeping sessions not a theorist.

Inexperienced Goalkeeper coaches:

These are the goalkeeper coaches who have never or hardly ever played in goal, or played in goal at a poor standard. These are the GK coaches who will have a passion for goalkeeper coaching but not sadly the correct experience.

For this type of goalkeeper coach, you will have NO option but to search for goalkeeper coaching jobs online or in other media outlets.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the chances of a coach who never played in goal to a high standard (professional) and then takes their Level 1 or 2 goalkeeping badge getting a job at a professional soccer club is more or less zero!

Its Frustrating!

If you are lucky, you might get a job at a soccer clubs academy or centre of excellence but you will have to put in MANY hours for a part time wage! Who wants to do this?

I know it is very very frustrating for you if you believe you are an excellent goalkeeper coach not getting the chance but this is how it pans out in soccer.

Another problem you might have if you apply for goalkeeper coaching jobs is there are only a handful of relevant GK coaching jobs available throughout the UK and there are HUNDREDS of goalkeeper coaches looking for these few goalkeeper jobs.

Another problem is the FA (Football Association), through their network of local county FA's are pumping out goalkeeper coaches all the time, so each month the amount of goalkeeper coaches looking for jobs increases!


I have been involved in goalkeeper coaching for 20 years and I see this as a MASSIVE problem now.

So what can you do if you are an inexperienced goalkeeper coach on the search for goalkeeper coaching jobs?

Sadly your choices are very very limited, but here are some tips to hopefully help:

1. Can you go abroad: Countries like of the USA that struggle with quality goalkeeper coaches might welcome you on board?

2. Contact holiday companies. Likes of Haven or Butlins. They need coaches throughout their holiday season

3. Try to make a name for yourself by volunteering to coach at grassroot soccer clubs.

4. See if your local council will hire you.

I no sadly this is not a lot of options but at least they are options for you.

Another thing that you could do is start your own goalkeeper coaching business but again you will have major challenges. If you go onto the internet you will see TONS of goalkeeper coaching schools already established. So not only are you competing against companies that are several years old (so have credibility) but most goalkeeper coaching schools have ex professional goalkeepers coaching within the structure. Again I need to be honest with you and state that this will be hard for you to compete as parents will take their child to an ex pro before a coach who had not played the game professionally.

I wish I could have been more positive in this article fellow goalkeeper coaches but basically there are too many goalkeeper coaches for so few goalkeeper coaching jobs or opportunities!

If there is anyway I can assist you, please visit me at my website and drop me an email.

If I can help, I will.

Best of goalkeeping

Ray Newland

Goalkeeper Jobs


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