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Fishing Rods or Fishing Poles and Fishing Reels Simplified

Updated on April 17, 2010
What a wonderful way to spend your day!
What a wonderful way to spend your day!

Today we will start a series of articles on the various types of Fishing Rods or Fishing Poles whatever you prefer and Fishing Reels. The primary reason for these articles are to help simplify your choices and have a better overall understanding of these elements when you are searching for these products to add to your fishing tackle arsenal. Also by giving you a detailed description of the various types to provide you the knowledge in your decision making. Generally speaking these items are the most expensive components (leaving out the cost of a boat), so therefore a person needs to scrutinize the purchase they make. The wrong rod and reel combination could spell disaster and could ruin a potentially rewarding fishing experience. Well should we get started?

Fishing Poles are described as a simple pole or a stick in which a line is attached to the tip of the pole with a hook and bait or lure. These so called poles are generally made of fiberglass, bamboo or a carbon fiber. Fishing Rods in contrast are described or referred to as a more pure or developed casting tool with line guides and a reel to store the line. I view the two terms Fishing Poles and Fishing Rods indistinguishable and synonymous in today's jargon. Fishing Reels are a device intricate in design and are used for deployment and the successful return of the fishing line using a spool mounted on a shaft and used in combination with a fishing rod, just a little history.

The types of Fishing Rods we will be describing and discussing are the Carbon Fiber Rods, Fly Rods, Tenkara Rods, Spin and Bait Casting Rods, Spinning Rods, Ultra-light Rods, Ice Rods, Surf and Sea Rods, Trolling Rods and Telescopic Rods. Some rods might have overlapping terminology as well as multi-purpose uses, simply put same rod might be used in different areas of fishing. Also the The Power, The Action, The Line Weight, The Lure Weight and The Number of Sections in a rod and how they correlate into the correct selection of your rod.

The types of Fishing Reels we will be describing and discussing are Centerpin Reel, Bait Casting Reel, Spinning Reel, Spin Cast Reel, and the Underspin Reel. Once again these reels have an overlap in terminology they could and do have multi purpose uses. Typically there are three categories of reels, The Conventional Reel, The Spinning Reel, and Spin Cast Reel, not to confuse the two, spinning reel and spin cast reel are different types of Fishing Reels and are located differently on the handle of the rod.

Hopefully the information that has been provided will be of some use when making your first, second or future purchases of your very own Fishing Rods, Fishing Poles and Fishing Reelswhether they are for you, family members or for some of your best friends. A great source to find and obtain the products being discussed in the article can be found at There will be New Articles coming soon to help you have a better understanding and more knowledge about fishing products we all use.


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      Tommy Mcmillan 6 years ago

      Fishing is without doubt the most fascinating hobby ever!