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Golf Swing Teaching Aids

Updated on July 15, 2007

Golf Swing Teaching Aids

The four Golf Swing Teaching Aids That Will Make Your Score Drop Easily And Quickly

Every year, golfers just like YOU and me spend thousands of dollars on expensive golf instructions, golf training aids and the latest golf clubs...

We're swamped daily with "revolutionary" tips and techniques in Golf Magazines and on the Golf Channel on how to achieve the perfect golf swing. How does this impact our golf swing and score? We're not making a lot of progress and we have still the highest score when we play with friends! This feels very frustrating.

Do you know how it feels if you can't drop your score anymore? It's very frustrating feel which I know from my own experience. I took dozens of golf lessons, bought new golf clubs and the latest golf swing teaching aids.

And what was the result? My score did not drop at all. I completely lost my self-confidence and my golf game fell apart on the course. I was very close giving up until I discovered a mental golf system that is used by Tiger and the Top Tour Pros.

Four Easy Golf Swing Training Steps

Here are the step I've undertaken to become a better golfer with a natural golf swing and drop my score significantly in less than 5 weeks:

1. I started studying the golf swing of the PGA pros. There are a lot of resources on the web where you can access pro golf swing video sequences.

I've listed some links and youtube videos below.

2. Filmed my full golf swing, pitching and chipping motions. This can be easily done with a digital camera. I use a Canon Ixus 55 which makes a perfect job.

3. Now I compared my golf swing video with the pro golf video, I used a down-the-line video from Adam Scott. The best is to chose a pro golfer with the same physics you have. I identified step-by-step what the differences are: Set-up, Grip, Stance, Backswing, Downswing, Follow-trough.

I started working on each component, focussing on one area until I've mastered it before moving to the next.

Important tip: At the beginning just focus on the set-up, top of the back swing and follow-through positions. Once you have visualized those three positions it is pretty easy to get a proper golf swing. A simple golf swing is the key golf instructions success factor for a consistent and repeatable move.

4. This is the most important step: I started working on my Mental Golf Game and developed my own mental golf system. You may have heard the famous quote from Jim Flick: "Golf is 90% mental, and the other 10% is mental". But how many amateur golfers do really work on their mental game?

Less than 5%! 95% of the regular golfers spend hours and hours hitting hundreds of balls on the driving range.

I discovered that focussing on the mental game is 5-6 times more effective than hitting balls. Visualisation, subliminal mental audios and affirmations combined with the first three steps were the keys to my success.

You can watch the free mental golf training video where I explain how I dropped my score in less than 30 minutes and without practice.

Imagine having a consistent and repeatable golf swing. Would that be nice? Being confident in hitting long and straight drives every time, chipping close to the pin and sinking more three foot putts without fear and anxiety. And can you imagine how great you'll feel if you were dropping your score quickly and win tournaments?

Just follow the four steps above, don't give up and you'll catapult your golf game to the next level easier and quicker than you ever thought

Free Mental Golf Short Game Audio

For a limited time only you can get a free subliminal mental golf audio to improve your short game in less than 20 minutes and without practice.

Free Mental Golf Audio Training

To train the subconscious mind is a very effective mental golf training that is used by Tiger and the top tour pros. Tiger is said to use subliminal mental golf techniques since he was 13.

Tiger Woods Swing - Tiger's swing in slow motion

Tell us your handicap, age and what area of your golf game you'd like to improve most.

Which part of your golf game do you want to improve most?

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    • profile image

      danradcliff 10 years ago

      Great tips. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools I came across to improve the golf swing. Once you watched a pro golf swing video try to imagine yourself performing the same swing.