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Great Gymnastics Gift Ideas for Female Gymnasts

Updated on March 11, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.

My Little Gymnast

Find Affordable Gifts for Female Gymnasts of all Ages in this Lens

If you are looking for gift ideas for female gymnasts, you may be overwhelmed with the many options out there. If you aren't familiar with the ins and outs of gymnastics, you may be even further confused. The one surefire way to reduce the confusion is to go with a gift they will love, a gift that is affordable, and something that lets them know you support their gymnastics activities and are proud of all their hard work. Below, we will go over many different types of gymnastics gifts that are perfect for female gymnasts of any age, and don't require you as the gift giver to have a great deal of knowledge about the sport of gymnastics.


Help Your Gymnasts Decorate their Christmas Tree

When I was a little girl, my mom used to buy my sisters and I a special ornament every single year. When I moved out, my mom gathered all the ornaments she had purchased for me over the years and gave them to me. So, not only did she give me very special ornaments every year at Christmas, but she also helped me start my Christmas decoration collection before my very first Christmas. I loved the idea so much that I began a Christmas ornament collection for my daughter as well. Each year, I think about what my daughter has been the most excited about that year and find an ornament that matches. For the past few years, finding the special ornament has been easy because my daughter is crazy about gymnastics. Not only do I buy her gymnastics ornaments, but others in our family do too, and I get to buy one of my young nieces her very first gymnastics ornament this Christmas.

Novelty Gifts are Always a Hit with Female Gymnasts

If you want to think outside the box when it comes to your young gymnasts; consider a novelty gymnastics gift. I have gathered a few ideas below that I think any gymnasts, young or older, would love to have. First, a gymnastics medal holder. Many gymnasts spend a great deal of time going to meets, and if they are lucky, they acquire quite a few medals as a result. I love the medal holder because it gives young gymnasts an easy way to show off the medals they work so hard to get, and keeps them organized as well. My daughter's medal holder is red in color, to match her gym colors, and is great for keeping all her medals in one place. Other great gifts are earrings, posters, music boxes, gym bags, and headbands.

Gymnastics Apparel Keeps Athletes Cozy

Whether your little gymnast likes to throw on a hoodie and sweats to go in and out of the gym or likes to snuggle in comfy cotton after a tough meet, they will enjoy the chance to put on clothes that let them show off their gymnastics gear. Here I have included a few popular gymnastics apparel ideas including hoodies, sweatpants, and headbands, but feel free to consider other types of apparel like socks, coats, and t-shirts too.

Gymnastics Room Décor

Create a Gymnasts Haven with Cute Décor

My little gymnasts and her friends love to spend time in her bedroom. If you want to help your favorite gymnasts create a gymnastics haven in your house, consider gifting her with fun gymnastics bedroom décor. The best types of bedroom décor are blankets, wall decals, pillow cases, figurines, and even rugs. Many of these items are also available in a variety of of colors, so you can even match your little gymnasts existing room decor.

Gift Certificates

Does the gymnast in your life need a new leo, grips, sock tops, or something else? If you aren't in the gym with them on a regular basis, you may not know what they need. But, chances are their gym offers gift certificates. With a gift certificate to the team shop, your gymnast can get whatever they need to make gymnastics more fun.

If you don't live close to the gymnast on your shopping list, you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to a sports store. For instance, Dick's, Dunham's, Foot Locker, any of these stores are great candidates for gift certificates for gymnasts.

© 2013 Tawnya

Did You Find the Perfect Gift? - Is there something you would like to see me add to the list? Let me know, below.

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