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Ideas for Gym Flooring

Updated on January 9, 2012

An example of one kind of gym flooring.

Gym flooring should be strong enough to withstand the weight of gym equipment and be able to absorb the shock and noise of a free weight being dropped on them. Not only should the flooring in a gym, health club, home gym, weight room, or kids’ play area be strong, it should be versatile as well and also be an added addition to the gym to make it unique.

There are different types of flooring to choose from:

-Rubber interlocking tiles (made from virgin or recycled rubber)
-Rolled flooring
-Various sizes of mats
-Soft rubber flooring tiles
-General purpose mats
-Rubber shock/sound mats
-Reversible soft floor

Rubber interlocking tiles are constructed from vulcanized rubber and are durable enough to last a lifetime. They are easy to install (no glue required) and require minimum maintenance. They come in 2’X 2’ tiles that are 7/16” thick and come in a variety of colors. Rubber interlocking tiles are standard for most commercial high impact weight rooms.

Rolled flooring eliminates seams and may be more practical than other types of flooring options. Rolled flooring is both sound and shock absorbent and is very easy to maintain. Simply damp mop it and let it dry. Rolled flooring comes in a variety of colors and chip size combinations allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere.

General purpose mats are made from durable rubber and have an anti-slip surface that allows for added traction. It also boasts an anti-fatigue design that acts as a shock absorber to help avoid fatigue and avoid discomfort. These mats are designed with connectors allowing the user to expand the workspace or exercise area.

Rubber shock/sound mats are constructed of heavy duty recycled rubber that muffles noise and vibration. The edges are precisely cut so that the mats fit together tightly without having to use any adhesive. These are perfect for weight rooms or any other room where protecting the floor is important. These mats are easy to clean and have two different traction enhancing textures with one side having a waffle design to reduce noise.

Reversible soft flooring is lightweight, portable, waterproof, soundproof, and shock absorbent and is perfect for martial arts, boxing, tumbling, playgrounds, and kids’ play rooms. They come in 4’ X 4’ interlocking tiles and are 1” thick.

The choice of gym flooring is just as important as the type of equipment that is in the gym. The designer must first decide what type of room it is. Is this room intended for a public gym, a health club, a locker room, a play area for the kids, a weight room or a home gym?

Gym flooring should be selected so that it compliments the size of the room, is resilient, absorbs the shock and noise of a free weight being dropped as well as absorbing the impact of the gym equipment. The type of flooring selected is purely up to the individual; just bear in mind that this room should portray style, affordability, safety and resiliency. Choosing a mat that offers anti-fatigue is a big plus in any gym.


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