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Gymnastics Themed Bedroom and Bedding

Updated on October 24, 2014

Gymnastics Themed Bedroom and Bedding

Here are some great bedroom decor ideas for the girl who loves gymnastics. Most of these are for a young lady's bedroom. I've found bedding, including blankets and pillow cases, as well as bedroom accessories like clocks, night lights, cute signs, etc. If you are remodeling the bedroom, you might even like some of these easy peel and stick on wall decals. They are an easy alternative to wall paper.

Pictured: I Love Gymnastics Wall Decal

My sister loved gymnastics when we were kids!

My parents took her to gymnastics classes at night and I loved to watch her tumble and vault over the horse. I think lots of young girls are into gymnastics, and here are some great decoration ideas. We had bright pink shelves.. many of these items would have matched really well!

Gymnastics Split Wall Art - Great Alternative to Hand Painting or Wall Paper

Large--Easy instant decoration wall sticker wall mural GYM-gymnastic beam
Large--Easy instant decoration wall sticker wall mural GYM-gymnastic beam

This decal comes in 30 color choices, so you can have it match any bedroom design. Easy to apply and remove. They are designed to look like hand painted wall art.


Gymnastics Girl on Balance Beam Wall Art with Flowers - Easy to Apply Wall Mural

It looks like this girl might be doing a cartwheel on the balance beam. That's a challenge!

Large--Easy instant decoration wall sticker wall mural Sport Gymnastic-gymnastics beam dance
Large--Easy instant decoration wall sticker wall mural Sport Gymnastic-gymnastics beam dance

This can be applied to a wall or to furniture like a dresser, bed headrest, etc.


Gymnastics Themed Bedding - Blankets, Sheets, Pillowcases

I have yet to find a complete bedding set, but you can put together a pretty set with some mix and matching.

Standard Pillowcase - Gymnastics - Personalized
Standard Pillowcase - Gymnastics - Personalized

"I flip for gymnastics!" Kids Pillowcase. Here's a funny saying... maybe you'd call it a pun? These would match pink or purple bedding.


2016 Summer Olympics

One of the most exciting things for a young gymnast is the Olympics! I'm already looking forward to the 2016 Summer Olympics which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I wonder which country will get the most gold medals!

Did you know that Gymnastics has been an Olympic sport since 1896?! However, it used to be a men's old sport... It wasn't until 1928 that women were allowed to compete too!

Gymnast Metal Photo Frame - A perfect way to display special pictures

Do you have a photo that captures as special moment? Here's the perfect frame.

This would also be a good gift for a gymnastics instructor.

Pink Gymnastics Night Light - Girls Bedroom Accessory

This is so colorful! Young children may like having a nightlight.

Sports Night Light - Gymnastics
Sports Night Light - Gymnastics

This would also look great in the bathroom.


A Great Way to Display Medals and Ribbons

Hang this on your wall!

Female Gymnast Jumping Wall Sticker - Easy to apply to a smooth surface

This is a large decal that will stand out.

"I Love Gymnastics" Decorative Wall Clock

This would look great in her room!

Porcelain Figurine - Gymnast - This would look great on an Armoire, Dresser, or Nightstand.

Great gift idea for the teen or adult gymnast!

Gymnastics St Novelty Sign - Accessory for their bedroom

Inspirational & Motivational Gymnastics Posters - * BELIEVE * HAVE CONFIDENCE * PERSERVENCE * DETERMINATION *

Posters are so much fun! There are so many to choose from!

Thank you for visiting!

I hope you all the best on your decorating project! A kids bedroom is so much fun to stylize in a unique way.

You're only a child once, so why not make it an awesome experience?

What's your favorite ideas for decorating a kids bedroom? Do you like this theme or would you prefer a different one?


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Cool ella what level is your daughter?mine is a level 10.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      cool but my doter is more advants

    • KandH profile image

      KandH 5 years ago

      How very cool this is!

    • Ben Reed profile image

      Ben Reed 5 years ago from Redcar

      Such great ideas for the gymnastic enthusiast.