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My Top 8 Reasons Why I Hate the New York Yankees

Updated on July 11, 2012

The New York Yankees...... you love 'em or you hate 'em. There is no in between. Each baseball fan has their own reasons for hating the Yankees, here's mine.

1- The Curse of the Bambino

It all started in 1919 when the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to New York for $125,000, hence starting "The Curse of the Bambino". Most people think the curse only affected the Red Sox, but the Yankees never won a World Series until they acquired Ruth. They have since won 27 World Series.

2- The Yankees Buy the World Series

The Yankees have always had a pretty good farm system. They have produced successful players like Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra. But when it comes down to it they'll sign any player they want from any other team just to get another World Series trophy. Reggie Jackson, Roger Clemens, and Alex Rodriguez have all helped the Yankees win the World Series.

3- Those Darn Pinstripes

Most baseball teams put the player name on the back of the jerseys. Not the Yankees. They never have and I'm sure they never will. The arrogance of the Yankees say that "we are so good you should already know our names". And those pinstripes. Why do they look so good in those pinstripes? Makes them look thinner I guess. Another reason to hate them.

4- Yankee Fans

Rude, obnoxious, loud, arrogant. They invade the state of Florida every spring. I know, I lived there. Everyone has their own opinions, my opinion is Yankee fans seem to go out of their way to make other fans at a game as uncomfortable as possible. They're also quick to throw their 27 championships in your face.

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5- 27 Championships

The Yankees have won 27 out of the 40 World Series they have appeared in. In second place is the St. Louis Cardinals with 11 wins in 18 World Series appearances. Quite a big gap. But on the bright side the Yankees hold the record for most World Series losses with 13. So remember that the next time you hear a Yankee fan bragging about the 27 rings.

6- Yankees Apparel is Everywhere

I can walk into my local Walmart here in northwest Georgia and go to the clothing section and find any number of Atlanta Braves hats and shirts and boxer shorts and so on. And that's fine, this is Georgia after all. But why must I find the same amount of Yankee clothing on the shelves? Who in Georgia buys a Yankee hat anyway?!?!

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7- Always on TV

It doesn't matter where you live in this country, chances are you'll find a Yankee game on tv. Are there that many Yankee fans scattered throughout the country?

8- Double Standards

Andy Petite and Alex Rodriguez have both admitted to using steroids in the past. Barry Bonds the all-time home run champion and member of the San Francisco Giants is all but ostracized because of his steroid use. (No I'm not a Bonds Fan.) Yeah I know, Bonds lied about it, but if Bonds wore pinstripes in his career I'm betting it wouldn't have been a problem. I also bet if Pete Rose wore a Yankee hat in his career he wouldn't have a lifetime ban from baseball for his gambling.


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    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      In regards to point #6 and 7, these Yankee "fans" are all over the world!!! I kinda always knew this but it really didn't sink in until I began selling Yankee memorabilia online. To see the items going to places like Brazil, Australia, Germany, and parts of the Caribbean, it's a very humbling experience.

      I think that the Yankee brand is MUCH larger than their baseball teams themselves. And as far as those pinstripes, you took an interesting stand on it. I always looked at it like they wanted to express a "team" concept to the world by NOT putting names on the back of their jerseys. But I guess I can see why it would spawn assumptions of arrogance.

      I have always liked the city of New York, but those Yankees....blah. I'm a Rays fan and lately it seems like we have had their number. Very good article, dude. It's definitely worth a share.

    • scooterport profile image

      scooterport 4 years ago from Summerville, Georgia

      Thanks for the kind words!

    • Bruce A. Beaudet profile image

      Bruce A. Beaudet 4 years ago from Canada

      9 - BUCKY DENT!!!!!!!!!

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