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Houston Astros, from the Basement to the Penthouse…

Updated on June 21, 2017

The Houston Astros, from the Basement to the Penthouse…

Going back to their National League central days, the Houston Astros finished 56-106 in 2011, 55-107 in 2012, a deplorable 51-111 in 2013. They made some strides toward improvement to 70-92 in 2014 to their first post season appearance, a while card game win versus the Yankees and a 3-2 series loss in the American League Divisional series versus the Royals. In 2005 when they won their way to the first World Series in franchise history only to get shutout 4-0 by the Chicago White Sox. As you can see since their World Series appearance the performance was abysmal due to a complete rebuilding of the team.

This rebuilding was said to take about 5 to 6 years and the Astros would be competitive again. They rebuilt their farm system through trades and some healthy draft picks received because of their position in the standings. The Astros were going to be competitive in or around 2018-19 per discussion and the development of young talent, but this proved to be incorrect. The Astros began to build their core around young players, starting with four time All-star Jose Altuve they began to compete and win. The development of more younger players such as George Springer, Carlos Correa, 2015 Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel.

During the 2016 off season the Astros acquired 2004 post season monster, Carlos Bletran who was gladly welcomed back to Houston to aid the cause, they also acquired seasoned veterans in Brian McCann, Norichika Aoki and Josh Reddick. With this core of veteran’s and more up and coming stars like Alex Bregman, Yuli Gurriel the Astros have propelled themselves to the Major Leagues best record at 48-24! The Astros currently have a 12-game lead over the second place Los Angeles Angles and are right now the team to beat in the American League. The Astros are the epitome of last to first and are exceeding all expectations of a team in the rebuilding process. In June 2014, Sports Illustrated declared the Astros as the World Series winner in 2017, so we will have to wait till October to see, but the Astros are making their way through the season determined to be playing well into the month of October!

Altuve and Correa warm-up in Kansas City

Altuve and Correa warm-up in Kansas City
Altuve and Correa warm-up in Kansas City | Source

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