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Head Flexpoint Radical

Updated on February 2, 2014

Swing after swing the Head Flexipoint Radical

Would you believe in the Head Company applying the principle less is more. The Head Flexipoint Radical is a testament to that principal wherein two precise scientifically driven holes are punctured on the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the racquet. With the hole comes a cleft in the frame reducing the whole width of the beam by 25 percent. So why did they do that it is said that when the ball hits the racquet it flexes and creates a cupping effect on the ball. Opposing the usual norms of cupping from tip to the bottom of the shaft, the Flexipoint Radical increases the dwell time because of its unique design.

By dwell time we mean the time when the ball hits the racquet, the result would be a more stable control with a solid swing. I don’t know about that but since technologies have been apparent on sports equipment, shoes are a particular example, then there’s no surprise to that theory. The cupping effect of Head Flexipoint Radical gives out more precise hits due to those two holes that were placed. Due to the stiffness on return from normal racquets the ball shoots back at opponents through a slight angle placed by the racquet. The Flexipoint eliminates this and actually creates a more precise hit without the ball going a bit wayward because of the slight angle. Everything is too good to be true but their principal if done in a proper manner can indeed hold a lot of water. Various reviews have put it into a good light as several strokes were tested if it would fit the billing.

Groundstroke’s were done and the results were excellent, spin techniques came out satisfying but the big racquet offered more power in the offing. So for aggressive players a little bit control would be a definite plus. Volleys landed where they where suppose to land and the sweet spot was well taken care of, the overall maneuverability is top notch and would perfectly fit double matches. For serves it went well with specific angles that were kick served to just the right spaces. The Flexipoint would do well with serves accompanied with spins. Again comfort and control prevailed during a test run for Flexipoint, all the players can tell you is; its dependability and steadiness. Apart from the theory where the top brass of Head executives based their top of the line Head Flexipoint Radical the test results proved that they were on the right track. Everything came down the line of power, comfort and deliverability and the Flexipoint did not disappoint, it’s the next best thing on being great on the tennis courts.


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