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he's too big... Again

Updated on November 18, 2014

Not so Little Manny Pacquiao

Around a year ago I typed a blog on the Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto. It was Manny's 4th fight since moving up from super featherweight. And the fourth time he was fighting "The Bigger Guy." He moved up to Lightweight to beat David Diaz. Then moved up to beat an old Oscar De La Hoya at a catch weight of 145lb. His next fight he moved down a few pounds to fight the 140lb ruler Ricky Hatton. A lot of people before this fight believed Ricky would be to big for Manny, and in under six minutes they were proved wrong. The biggest challenge came 11 or so months ago In Vegas against Miguel Cotto. The fight turned out just as I thought It would. Manny's speed was to much for a brave Cotto. The fact is Manny isn't that small no more! He didn't look small against Hatton or Cotto, a lot faster yes, small? Not so much.

Then we have Antonio Margarito. The guy who also destroyed a game Cotto. In a fight many people think he was using loaded gloves. Whatever has happened In previous fights of Margarito one thing Is for sure, he wont be using loaded gloves this time. You can bet HBO's cameras, along with Freddy roach will be keeping a close watch on things.

When I first heard of this fight In the works I thought It was a bad move. Margarito, the boxer all the welterweights would avoid. Now Manny who is 5'6". And less than 3 years ago was fighting at Super Featherweight!(130lb) What are they thinking? They must be confident. Do they think after what Shane Mosley done to Margarito after he was found with the dodgy gloves, he's finished? I don't know. After you are just found out attempting to cheat In a fight, and the commission have taken away your hand wraps to be tested for plaster of paris. You can forgive him for throwing a stinker! Having said that, there are others who would say they he was only good with loaded gloves. There are fighters who have sparred with him ad have said he cant punch. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Another thing I thought was how do Margarito get this chance? A super fight with the best p2p and richest marque draw fight In the world after getting found out cheating, then getting battered by a 37 yr old Shane Mosely. After getting this chance (and his recent cheating history)he certainly wont be making any drug testing demands, like any Golden Boy fighters will have.

So here we have It again, Manny Pacquiao Is going In the ring with a fighter who people believe Is too big for him. De Ja Vu. Every Time he stepped up In weight he proved hi doubters wrong. But surely this time he has bitten off much more than he can chew? Here's the facts and figures.

Against Diaz the weight suited Paquiao perfecty. He weighed In at 134 1/2lb half a pound under the limit. (reportedly although not confirmed, he rehydrated to 147lb) And he was give or take 1/2 inch the same height.

Against De La Hoya he weighed In at 142lb - De La Hoya 145lb. On fight night a re hydrated Pacquiao outweighed De La Hoya by a few pounds! The lethargic performance after by De La Hoya proved that he had got his training camp and weight all wrong for that fight.

Against Ricky Hatton he weighed In at 138lb, two pounds under the Light welterweight limit. And although he was Indeed the smaller man on the night. (No weights announced) Size proved unimportant as his speed and timing negated any advantage Hatton's size had In the fight.

His next two opponents Cotto and Clottey both came in their fights upward of 160lbs Pacquiao 148lb, 149lb respectively. That's a lot of weight to give away at welter weight sure. But they are both only 5'8" their reaches read 67inches for Cotto (Same as Pac) 70 inches for Clottey. You can see there Is not a massive difference.

Against Margarito he going to be facing a man who's going to weigh around165+ on fight night. He has a 72 inch reach and he will be 5inches taller at 5'11". Coupled with that, pacquiao's camp have gone far from smooth. You can say this time he truly Is facing a 'David vs Goliath battle.

A fully wound up Pacquiao at around 150lb fight night, In my opinion runs circles around a slow and lumbering Margarito. Can he stop him? Shane mosley did so who knows? I'm not as confident as I once was, Mannys camp problems and other commitments, and watching him spar on 24/7 (Although I dumbfounded how Roach let the cameras In. He would never do that before and now he lets them In when Manny's at his worst?) he seems to not be on top of his game.

I still think Manny wins. But I think It will be a struggle, and maybe a controversial decision? I just think, no disrespect to Margarito Manny at 80-90% has to much speed to grind out a points win.

Manny Pacquiao Pts 12.


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