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A Hidden Gun Cabinet in plain sight

Updated on March 10, 2010
Bookcase Library
Bookcase Library

A Hidden Gun Cabinet in plain sight

A hidden gun cabinet in plain sight is one of most ingeniously concept that I have seen. I have seen and heard of the secret panel in the wall. The bookcase that is on hinges and swings open or pivots around to expose what is behind the bookcase. Even make a secret room of closet to store precious items. Sometimes the best way to have a hidden gun storage system or conceal something is right out in the open for everyone to see.

Cleverly concealed behind a functional bookcase is a great way to store your rifles, shotguns, double barrels, over-under, pistols or any type of firearm that you want secured but, accessible when needed.

Having the name plate on the library style bookcase shrewdly designed to keep the purpose of the functional bookcase concealed is just one of the feature of this style of hidden gun cabinet. Simply swing the name plate to one side and to unlock the cabinet and open up the hidden door to you collect of firearms. On this style of bookcase or any type of bookcase glass door could be installed to protect the contents on the shelves from dust and further conceal one of the functions of the bookcase.

curio cabinet


Another style of Concealing your gun cabinet is behind a curio cabinet that looks like any other display cabinet for your figurines, Hummel’s, collectibles or gifts that you want displayed. The gun cabinet portion of the curio is designed with the same detail in craftsmanship to make it virtually invisible to detect that your curio cabinet has a dual purpose.

Both of these style gun cabinets would add elegant to any room of our home, den, bedroom or office. They are a beautiful piece of furniture that will accent your home and provide a sense of security knowing that all of your firearms are safe and protected. That the common burglar probably would walk by or only stop in front of your hidden gun cabinet to steal what was on the shelf not knowing what was really hidden, right in front of him.

Hidden gun Cabinet in Double Library
Hidden gun Cabinet in Double Library

Where to find Hidden Gun Cabinets

Finding a curio cabinet or bookcase of this nature will take a little work or looking around to find. There are several Internet sites that you can look to find them. I was traveling in Iowa and stopped in a great sporting goods store along interstate 80 to find the most gorgeous piece of furniture a solid oak stained in a darker oak finish was a great look bookcase and cabinets or closed shelves in the bottom but what was so surprising was the slide out gun racks on both sides of this bookcase library that in did not know was there. I was looking for a piece of furniture for my den for my hunting books, journals and to store my hunting videos and found much more.

Stored in a locked closet in a locked bedroom


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    • milkfrother profile image

      milkfrother 6 years ago

      What an excellent idea! These pieces of furniture are really good looking and have a dual purpose. Lots of people have metal gun cabinets, fixed to the wall, which are practical but hardly beautiful. This way you get the best of both worlds.

    • profile image

      Gun Safe Reviews 7 years ago

      I love it that there's a beautiful piece of furniture and hidden behind it are your weapons.

    • profile image

      Lew 7 years ago

      very nice, i actually make the gun cabinet library pictured above, the company is U.K based and is called twenty first century antiques, we do ship to the U.S and our cabinets are incredibly secure with 3mm steel and lined beautifully, there quite something to look at too!

    • HKrafston profile image

      HKrafston 8 years ago from Columbus, OH

      That's a great idea! Any ideas where to find this kind of cabinet?

    • profile image

      Rob 8 years ago

      Very cool hub, man. If you get a chance, you may also want to take a look at a company called 'Heirloom'. They specialize in transforming gun safes and secure gun cases into high quality, custom wood-working furniture. They've also manufactured a great hidden passageway book shelf system. Again, great hub - look forward to reading more.

    • hacsar profile image

      hacsar 8 years ago from Maryland

      Nice idea. Glad you put it out.