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Best Tips to Create Highlight Videos that will Pay for College

Updated on September 30, 2012

How the College Sports Recruitment Process has Changed

Video has dramatically changed the college recruiting process works today. Many college coaches require prospective athletes to send them video footage that shows not only the athlete's individual strengths but also their performance on a team. Unfortunately, most college coaches do not have the time or budget to be full time recruiters and can't get out to evaluate players in person. That's why it is more important than ever to have a professional highlight video.

Pay for College with a Quality Sports Highlight Recruiting Video

Pay for College with a Highlight Video
Pay for College with a Highlight Video

What every parent should know about highlight videos before they create and send it out...

How to Capture the RIGHT Footage for a Sports Recruiting Video

Since HD video cameras are relatively inexpensive, I know most people don't want to pay for a professional to video-tape their children's games. They'd rather shoot their own footage. But you have to remember that a professional will be able to capture in ways that you can't.

However, if you're bent on video taping yourself, here are some tips to help you get the right footage!

1. Be quiet during the video. That means no yelling or cheering. This is distracting and unprofessional.

2. Steady the shot. Use a tripod. You can purchase a sturdy, low cost tripod from

Low Cost Tripod from Amazon

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Davis & Sanford EXPLORERV Vista Explorer 60” Tripod with Tripod Bag, BONUS Smartphone Adapter and 10 Year Warranty

I recommend this tripod because it's under $25 and ships free for Amazon Prime members.


The Importance of Editing Game Play and Practice Footage

This is another area of highlight video creation that a parent may or may not want to tackle themselves. In order to edit game plays for the final highlight video you will need to select highlight video editing software.

Then remember:

3. Keep your highlight video under 5 minutes total.

4. Put your best plays first to grab attention straight away.

5. Start each clip a few seconds before things get intense so that coaches can locate the athlete, and get a feel for what's going on. Just be careful not to add too much footage prior to each clip, because you want to fit as many active clips as you can into that five minute window.

6. Focus on the athlete but also how he or she plays within the team. Teamwork is just as important to a prospective coach as an individual's strengths.

7. Show each clip once, at normal game speed. Coaches don't need fast or slow motion, or a double take. They will rewind if they are impressed.

The Importance of Motion Tracking in your Highlight Video

8. Forget about fancy transitions, or adding comments to the screen. Let your highlights speak for themselves.

9. If you are able to use motion tracking to place a highlighted circle around the player being featured do it to simplify viewing for the coaches.

10. List honors and awards after the highlight video footage. Coaches only want to see this information after they've seen for themselves what a player is capable of.

11. Always include the athlete's full name, school, uniform number and contact information (so they can tell you what a great scholarship they have for you).

12. If you want to include a biography about the player, or an interview with the coach that's great - but don't open with this stuff. Make it optional to watch after the footage of the athlete in action have already gotten the coach hooked.

13. Include full length games to watch after your 5 minute highlight video, so that coaches can review them if they want to see more.

How effective was your last highlight video? - Tell us about what worked or didn't work.

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