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Hollis 221/DC3 Scuba Regulator Review

Updated on September 15, 2012

The DC3 is an all around first stage scuba regulator and is perfect for use with single tanks, as well as double tank configurations.

The DC3 is paired with the 221 second stage which has the same features and technology of the 212 second stage, except that it does not have user adjustable inhalation effort. This regulator pairing is designed for dives who like to keep it simple and don't like to make too much adjustments.

In this lens we are going to look at some of the main features of this regulator and how they can help you as a diver, and where you can get it for the best price online.

By the way, if you are looking to get the Hollis DC3/221 for the best price online, click here

Hollis 221- DC3 Yoke Scuba Diving Regulator - Get the DC3/221 on

To get the best deals on scuba regulator I always check Amazon first. I find that you can find much better prices than you would at your local dive store. Sometimes you can even save up to $100 just by waiting a couple days for the regulator to show up by mail. Below are Amazon listings of this regulator in both Yoke (A-Clamp) and DIN.

Video Review of the Hollis DC3 221 - Get a Loser Look at the Hollis DC3 221

Below is a video of the Hollis DC3 211 done by the guys over at Here you can get a loser look at the regulator and some of the features it offers. Enjoy!

Hollis DC3 First Stage Regulator
Hollis DC3 First Stage Regulator

Hollis DC3 Fist Stage

Lets look at some of the features of the first Stage

  • The Hollis DC3 is available in both DIN and Yoke (A Clamp) version. It has 1 high pressure port and 4 low pressure port for optimum house routing. It is also Nitrox compatible to 40% right out of the box
  • The DC3 uses an Over- Balanced Diaphragm fist stage - As pressure and gas density increase at greater depth the first stage progressiveness delivers gas greater than intermediate pressure. Simply put, the regular perform better as depth increases, which makes this reg excellent for diving in extreme conditions.
  • Environmentally Sealed - Because water and other contaminants are separated from the inner mechanisms of the regulator it prevents internal corrosion, extending the time between servicing, as well as icing in the first stage in colder diving conditions. This makes the regulator ideal for diving in silty low visibility water, and cold water diving.

Hollis 221 Second Stage

Now lets look at some of the feature of the second stage

  • Pnewmatically Balanced - Because the second stage is balance, it reduces the inhalation, it will also perform the same at any depth and tank pressure.
  • Adjustable Venturi System - When the switch is in the "Pre-Dive" position it prevents the regulator from free flowing on the surface, when the switch is in the "Dive" position it allow the regulator to perform at its best.
  • Orthodontic Mouthpiece - The second stage also comes equipped with an orthodontic mouthpiece with a high density bite to help reduce jaw fatigue.

Hollis DC3 / 221 Regulator on eBay - Get the DC3/211 at Bargain Prices

I have always find that you can get the best prices and bargain on scuba regulators from Below is the top five E-bay listing of the Hollis DC3 fist stage and the 211 Second stage.

Let US Know

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

Each diver prefer a certain brand of regulator over the others, maybe it's the way the regulator breathes, the features, it durability, or it dependability. Let us know which brand of scuba regulator you trust the most and why, also what is your favorite model?

What Brand Of Scuba Regulator Band Do You Prefer the Most?

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Let us know what you think, leave your feed back about the Hollis 221/DC3 Regulator, good or bad.

Hollis 221/DC3 Regulator Feedback

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