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homemade alcohol – heater

Updated on July 30, 2009

How to make a homemade alcohol – heater/light that I use at the cabin and when the family and me go camping. I make the alcohol myself. Learn to make homemade alcohol by clicking here. 

Get a large can. I find tomato paste cans to be big enough. Anything that size would be fine.

Start by removing lid from can and cleaning it out. Next you will get a role of toilet paper squish it to fit in the can. It should fit perfectly in the can. Then you will fill the can with alcohol and give it a few minutes to soak up into the toilet paper role. Drain off the excess and remember to clean the sides so you don’t start a fire. Now its ready to be lit, so Be CAREFUL its flammable like gas.


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      John Dorkson 6 years ago this small text about a DIY heater is accompanied by what, a dozen affiliate links?! I am outta here...

    • profile image

      g.i. joe 7 years ago

      I like to use a 1 qt paint can. it comes with an air tight lid that snuffs out the flame and seals in the alcohol while not in use. Plus putting the lid on part way allows you to adjust the heat by restricting the oxygen.