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Horizon Evolve Compact Folding Treadmill

Updated on November 24, 2012

Horizon Evolve Folding Treadmill Facts | By a User

This is a review of the Horizon Evolve folding treadmill. This is by myself and wife who has her diabetes under control by diet and exercise. We have had 2 other treadmills, and they broke only after about 6 months of use. Do not by a cheap treadmill, trust me on this. Read our story below.

Best Treadmill under $1000

This is a common question that a lot of people are looking for today. In my opinion, and by judging models of treadmills, and looking at all the reviews online, i have come to a conclusion on these 3,that is it. I will explain to you why i choose these 3 below.

1) Horizon. The reason i choose this as number 1, and basically for 1 reason only, this is because this is the treadmill that my wife uses every day, and it is at least 3 years old, if not older. Our son gave this to my wife, used. We have done nothing to it at all. Period.

2) Proform. The reason i picked this treadmill out is because it has a lot of 4 star or higher reviews online right now, and they are folding treadmills, and are portable. It is that simple really. You want a machine that folds up, takes hardly any effort to set up, and fold up, and is a space saver treadmill.

3) Lifespan. These compact and folding treadmills have a consistent score of 4 stars, up to 5 stars on a daily basis. The compact versions are great for apartments, or small houses. But especially for apartments.

This what i think are the best treadmills out on the market right now. Do not do what i did, and go to your favorite neighborhood department store, and buy the cheap ones that are on display. I bought ours from the big W, and that was a mistake. I only paid $199, without tax for it, so, it was not real cheap in price, but the belt started to go side ways, and then it quit working altogether. This was in 6 months time, or less.

Horizon Evolve Floded
Horizon Evolve Floded

Horizon Evolve Compact Treadmill

Click the image for actual reviews by users.

This is the model that my wife is using currently. The videos you will be watching below, are taken by me,at our home. My wife is actually using the Horizon Evolve Treadmill in the videos. I want you to also notice the glass of tea on the stand by the front door. You can see in the videos that this machine is positio9ned on a wood floor. This house is built out of Adobe blocks, and an old wood floor. Notice the water moving, or vibrating in the video. That is a very little movement for being on a wood floor. See if anyone else puts this on a video.

Here are some specifications and general information about this model:

* compact design

* Folds to 10 inches, store it vertical, or horizontal

* No assembly

*Motor: 1.5

*Belt Area: 17" x 45"

* Weight: 99-lb

*Belt Speed: 1 to 6 mph

*time, speed, distance, calories

* Heart Rate monitor

These are enough for you to get a basic idea of what this machine comes with. Click the image to read the reviews online.

Compact Treadmill

Here is my wife using her Horizon Evolve treadmill. She uses this along with other ways to control her type2 diabetes through diet and exercise. She also drinks a lot of fruit smoothies that you can see in my information on other sites.

Portable Treadmills by Horizon

The Horizon Evolve is an easy portable treadmill. It has 2 wheels on the bottom, and after it being folded up, there is a handle that you can just pull, or push it along. It also has 2 arms that stick out from the bottom to keep it from falling over in the upright position.

This machine folds so flat, that my wife can push it under our bed.

Now, after it is folded up, and you tilt it back a little, at 99 lbs, the weight of this has to be handles with a little finesse, make sure you have a good grip, and move it slowly.

Watch the video and see how easy this is.

Portable Treadmill by Horizon Evolve

Here is a video of how easy this treadmill is setup, and how easy it is to disassemble, and put away.

Horizon Evolve folded
Horizon Evolve folded

Compact Treadmill by Horizon

Click on image for reviews and Free shipping.

This video shows how easy this treadmill is to take down, and how compact it is when it is put up against the wall. See how little space is used.

In the previous video you should have also noticed the young lady, pull it out of a closet.

Notice that she is not some muscle builder, and she is moving it with pretty much less zero effort, and it is on a carpet also.

Not like a wood floor in this video below.

Click on the image to read more reviews, and to check out the Free shipping.

Fold Up Treadmill by Horizon This video says it all.

Easy tear down. Just fold the treadmill up, move it to where you want it, and store it.

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    • profile image

      Sojourn 5 years ago

      We're just finally starting to think about putting all our different work out equipment in one area of our home for a real gym. The one thing we don't have, but would love to add, is a treadmill. This looks like a really sturdy one. Nice!