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Horse Riding Breeches and Jodhpurs

Updated on February 7, 2013

Buying And Caring For Equestrian Riding Pants

Your horse riding pants, or breeches as they are called in some styles of riding, are crucial to staying comfortable while you are on the back of your horse. Some riders can get away with simply heading out and picking up a new pair, however, beginning riders, and even some experienced riders need help in choosing the right pair.

Before you are going to be able to purchase a pair, you have to understand the different types. There are four main styles of riding pants, from knee patch, to full seat, jockey’s breeches and Jodhpurs.

Knee patch riding pants are built with a suede or leather patch inside of the knees of the pants, where jumping riders apply the most pressure. Full seat riding pants, however, contain a layer of suede or leather up the entire inseam and onto the riders buttocks. Jockey’s breeches provide a much looser fit, helping to give you increased mobility.

The last type of riding pants, called Jodhpurs, combine the best elements of knee patch and jumping pants with full bottom breeches, giving you a suede or leather lining up the entire inseam and onto the buttocks of the pants.

Once you know which style of riding pants you are going to want, you’ll have to figure out what size you wear and whether or not you plan to wear them with horse riding chaps . For women the pants typically range one size larger than the size pants that you normally where.

Children’s breeches are sold at the same sizes, and are much easier to purchase. You are also able to find short and long styles, if your legs are a different length than most riders. As you receive the riding pants and begin to wear them more, and more, you are going to need to ensure that you take proper care of the material.

When you wash the pants in cool water, make sure that you turn them inside out to avoid excess wear to the leather patches. As soon as the load has finished, you want to remove the pants and hang them to dry. If you notice stains on the pants, you should take the necessary steps to remove them quickly.

Horse riding pants help protect your skin and are a perfect fit to help your legs wrap snuggly around the horse, giving you an incredible feeling of security. As long as you take these tips into consideration, you will have a much easier time buying new horse riding breeches than if you were to simply grab a pair off the shelf and attempt to go riding.

Horse Riding Pants
Horse Riding Pants


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