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Horse Training Books

Updated on February 8, 2013

#1 – Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship

Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship manual teaches riders how to remain respectful of their animals, while also progressing in their level of skill.

Clinton Anderson takes a safety first approach to learning how to ride, making sure that every rider will develop the proper habits to keep themselves and their horses safe while riding. As you begin to grow into your riding skills, you will find that you’ll be picking the book up again to learn even more.

The Downunder Horsemanship is one of the best selling horse training books on

#2 – The Modern Horseman’s Countdown To Broke

If you have ran into the problem of being inexperienced, or simply not understand what other horse training manuals are talking about, you will want to look into

The Modern Horseman’s Countdown To Bloke. There are 33 basic lessons aimed specifically at beginner horse riders to help you learn how remain confident, and transfer your confidence into your animal.

Even if you are an advanced rider, you may want to take the time to go back to the basics and pick up this book.

#3 – Horse Training In Hand

Fine tuning the relationship between rider and horse, the Horse Training In Hand manual provides comprehensive instructions on how to use your voice and subtle commands to get the horse to do what you want. Improving communication between the rider and horse is the key behind Horse Training In Hand.

Regardless of the type of riding you do, you will be able to find new tips and techniques inside the almost 200 instructional pages.

#4 – The Ultimate Horse Behavior And Training Book

The title says it all. The author combined her decades of working with horses into the Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training manual.

The book offers clear and precise step by step instructions to help you overcome a wide variety of problems ranging from behavioral, health, training, and other issues you will encounter with your horse.

#5 – Bombproof Your Horse

Instead of risking yourself for injury every time you get onto your horse, you should take the time to read this book.

Many riders simply wait for the moment their horse will become spooked and take off running, possibly even injuring themselves rather than learning how to effectively train the horse to overcome terrifying or confusing situations.

Bombproof Your Horse helps you learn techniques to build confidence in your horse, allowing them to remain calm in all situations.

Horse training books
Horse training books


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