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Hot Air Balloon Gifts

Updated on November 15, 2014

Gifts for Hot Air Balloon Enthusiasts

Do you have someone on your gift giving list that loves hot air balloons? Consider giving something with a hot air balloon picture on it. Your gift may be practical such as a t-shirt or a tie or it may be decorative such as an ornament or a postcard. Gifts that remind us of things we love and enjoy are truly memorable appreciated gifts.

Hot air balloons remind us of our ability to soar whether in an actual hot air balloon or just with our thoughts. We can have a more lofty view whether of our surroundings or of life in general. Hot air balloons remind us of what is possible. For most of mankind's history flying was not possible, yet today most people have flown whether in a hot air balloon, an airplane or a helicopter. If someone hasn't been up in the air, they have probably seen pictures or videos taken from up in the air.

Hot air balloons are beautiful to look at. They are very colorful; and, when seen against a blue sky, they are truly striking. Most hot air balloons are a globe shape, but many balloons have been made in the shape of other objects or animals or even people.

Giving a gift decorated with hot air balloons is giving a gift of encouragement and inspiration. The recipient of your gift will be uplifted every time they look at your gift.

Hot Air Balloons Lift Us Up

When we moved into our home there was a large mural on one of the walls of hot air balloons over a lake. It is beautiful and impressive. There was nothing to tell us where the picture was taken, but it is still something we enjoy. Hot air balloons take us soaring whether it is riding through the sky in one or whether it is just in our imagination as we watch the balloons sailing by. Being up close and watching the balloons fill with hot air and rise upward in the sky is impressive, but so is seeing several balloons dotting the sky from a distance.

The first time I saw the Great Reno Hot Air Balloon Race, I was recuperating in a hospital that was twenty miles across the valley from the balloon race. I could see the balloons floating in the sky, but they were tiny. I couldn't see much detail. I did find one of the local TV channels had coverage of the race, so I watched the TV to see the balloons up close. Then I looked out the window to see the actual balloons. When I got to attend the Great Reno Hot Air Balloon Race in person it was impressive. We walked into the park early in the morning before the sun came up. As we walked up a hill and over the top we could see the Glow Show. It was breath taking to watch the balloons lighting up. Then watching as the Dawn Patrol rose into the sky was fascinating. It was worth waking up early to see the show.

When you've seen the majesty of a flying hot air balloon, every time you see a picture of one it is a reminder of that majesty. Someone who enjoys hot air balloons would enjoy a reminder of the balloons with a picture on something they use frequently like a t-shirt or an ornament or a card or stationery. Give a memorable gift to a hot air balloon enthusiast that you know or get one for yourself.

Uplifting Gift Ideas

Give gifts that uplift others. Hot air balloons help us look upward and help us believe we can soar beyond our limits. Give a gift that says not only do I care but I believe in you. Giving a hot air balloon themed gift can say the sky's the limit. It can say you can do it. It can say there is a lot of beauty if you just look up. Balloons are very beautiful to look at.

The Great Reno Hot Air Balloon Race Videos

Carry Hot Air Balloons Pictures With You

If you really like hot air balloons, you can carry pictures of hot air balloons with you with on items you use on a regular basis. Hot air balloons lift your eyes and your mind upward. Hot air balloons are peaceful as they float upward slowly and gracefully. Compared to an airplane flying in a hot air balloon is more calming. You won't be able to fly across country with a hot air balloon in just a few hours, but flying in a hot air balloon is done for the experience not for fast transportation.

Do you prefer to fly in a hot air balloon or to just watch the balloons from below?

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Hot Air Balloon Events

If you'd like to attend a Hot Air Balloon Event but are limited in how far you can travel, check out the following site. They have a list of ballooning events worldwide with links to more detailed information. You might find an event much closer to you.

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