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How To Catch Catfish Best Baits

Updated on September 16, 2013

What I Use To Catch The Big Ones.

I have been using dipbaits for years and the baits I use are sonny's regular and sonny's blood bait! Along with others like premo dip bait that you can buy at your local walmart. When fishing for catfish sometimes you need special hooks and good fishing reels with the best line availble. You might like to try your luck at jugging if you do you may want to use live bait or cutbait. You see jugging is just one of many ways to fish and land the big ones. To catch catfish by tieing about 4 ft of line to a 2 liter soda bottle are one of your favorite floats that can be purchased at one of the many bait shops or at your local walmart. Be sure your line has enough strength say 50 pds or more and a large enough hook for easy baiting.


Sonny's Dip Bait

Fishing The Big Mississippi River

I fish the mississippi river often and have had good results with sonny's dip baits. Its best to keep it cool not cold mind you, where it will dip easy. I find it very easy to use and get good results. Its best to have several kinds of bait when fishing the big mississippi river like nightcrawlers and earthworms but don't forget your sonny's dip bait. I found that if you use live bait such as carp, shad, skipjack, and large minows you will catch the big ones I am talking 40 through 100 pownders.

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Fishing Reel
Fishing Reel

Tips And More For Catching Catfish

Channel Cats,Blue Cats,Flatheads

I have found it best to use treble hooks with sponge or a vinal catfish worm to land four to seven pownders. When I go for the big ones I use live baits like gold fish carp shad, there are many types of cutbait to use also I use bigger hooks Gamakatsu Octopus with my live baits. Here is where I find a lot of things to take along when fishing. Its Amazon yes you can find good deals on fishing equipment and how tos there.

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I buy alot of my equipment on eBay sometimes you will get great deals for the money.


Southern Fried Catfish

My favorite recipe

I dont measure, I just dump until it looks like enough!) Wash and drain 6 catfish filets or 4 whole catfish. Pour about one-half cup buttermilk mixed with 2 tsp. or more of your favorite hot sauce over fish in square dish. Soak for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Drain off buttermilk. Heat oil in skillet and dip filets in fish fry coating available in the deli section of most supermarkets. (A mixture of flour and cornmeal mixed half and half may also be used.) Add salt to the mixture. Fry in hot oil until medium brown, turn and cook other side. Serve with tarter sauce and lemon wedges, Cole slaw, and your favorite vegetables or potatoes. I have used this recipe and think it is great,

Fishing Gear
Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

Finding The Right Fishing Equipment

When you go shopping for fishing gear you need to shop around and find the best equipment money can buy. Myself I Choose poles that are big and strong enough to hold the big ones because you should let the pole do the work instead of the reel. Lifting the pole to bring the fish closer! Then take up the slack with the reel. This will keep you sometimes from stripping the reel. This method will help you land the big ones. Fishing with Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reels with 30 to sixty pds line can land you from 20 and up to those 100 pounders. I like to fish with Gamakatsu Octopus large size hook which curves at the point baited with strips of skipjack or large live bait such as asian carp.

Post your favorite catfish catches.

Have You Used Sonny's Dip Bait - Tell us your catch.

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    • smokeyjoe409 profile image

      smokeyjoe409 7 years ago

      My favorite big Mississippi catfish story comes from the August 1867 edition of Harper's new monthly magazine. It is one of the most unusual cat tales ever published, about a man crossing the Mississippi in a boat rowed by some soldiers, when " ... he saw approaching them what appeared to be a large fish, bobbing up and down upon the surface of the water like a porpoise. He handed his sabre to one of the men, and told him to strike it as it passed. The soldier watched his opportunity and gave the fish a vigorous thrust, but the point glanced as if it had struck a bladder. Resolved not to let the creature escape, the man jumped into the stream, and seizing it by the gills managed, with assistance, to get it into the boat. It proved to be a large cat-fish, which had swallowed a musk-rat. The animal's tail still hung out of its mouth."