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Mountain biking tips and tricks

Updated on February 23, 2015

How to hop over a log.

So you're riding on a biking trail and a tree has fallen down on the path, you would usually try to just ride over it right? But what if it's a big tree and your tire wont just ride over it smoothly?

The first thing your going to do is to throw all of your weight onto your back tire (just lean back). Then as you are about to hit the tree pull up on your handle bars, like you would do in a wheelie. That should propel you over the tree without hurting you or damaging the bike. And something that helps if it's a really big tree is to put your bike in granny gear or first gear, this will help with getting your first tire over the tree.

The three types of turns

Turning tight corners

Tight corners are going to be a part of biking so learning how to turn them is crucial! Its not hard to do but if your going really fast it would be good to know.

There are three different types of turns, a constant turn, a closed turn, and an open turn. When taking any tight turn though you will want to lean into it. This means leaning with the direction of the turn, so if it turns left lean left. The closed turn is going to be the hardest because it has that sudden sharp turn at the end and to conquer this you want to throw your body with the turn, not too hard or you will throw yourself off the bike or off the trail. But the constant and open are not so hard and don't really need to worry about those.

Quick and sudden drop offs

One of the coolest things to do while mountain biking is going off drop offs, it's really fun and gets your adrenaline going. But it can be very dangerous if you don't know how to do it.

First shift your weight to your back tire and gain some momentum (you can just roll down it depending on how steep it is but it's a good idea to have some speed when going over the edge). Then just roll over and keep your front tire pointed in the right direction, its that easy! But whatever you do, DO NOT USE YOUR FRONT BRAKE, you will tip over and you will fall on your face, and it does hurt!

Keeping a steady pace

As you start out biking you want to keep a steady pace, you don't want to blow a lot of steam at the beginning and burn out halfway through. You want to keep pedaling at a constant rate, and if you want to go faster shift up, that's what the gears are for! Keeping a steady pace will also help with your stamina but don't pick one that's too fast or too slow. If it's too slow then the bike ride won't be challenging enough, but if it's to fast you'll burn yourself out and that's not good either.

Tips and Tricks to mountain biking

Mountain biking should be fun not scary and if you want an adrenaline rush mountain biking is a good way to get that but you first have to master it before you can go looking for massive jumps and drop offs so here are some quick tips to help speed things along.

1. Do not look at your tires, look ahead, my dad is constantly telling me that you can't see what's ahead if your looking at your tire.

2.Keep a constant pace that's why you have gears.

3.Keep your momentum, when you are going up and down hills it's important to keep your momentum.

4.And don't try something if you're not ready.

Bike safety

Mountain biking is an extreme sport so you need to make sure you are wearing protective gear when you ride.

1.You should always wear a helmet when riding down a trail.

2.You should also get to know your bike and how to put it together and make repairs because these are common.

3.Keep a repair kit with you when you bike.

4.And don't do anything stupid, there is a fine line between extreme and plain stupid.

Where I go biking

rowlett creek:
Rowlett Creek, 2525 Castle Drive, Garland, TX 75040, USA

get directions

really fun place to go mountain biking. Good for beginners and experts.

Picking a good place to bike.

When finding a place to go mountain biking it could be very easy for you, like there may only be one in your area, but if you have multiple places to go ride there might be some things to look for in a park.

1. it shouldn't be a concrete trail, that's not mountain biking.

2. it should have a beginner, intermediate, and an expert trail section.

3. ideally it should be near civilization so if you get hurt you don't have to travel very far.

4. And it should have a cleaning station for your bike.

what type of biking do you do?

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