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How To Find The Perfect Field Hockey Stick

Updated on December 21, 2013

Field Hockey

Field hockey can provide great enjoyment, but finding the right hockey stick can be difficult, so I have created this guide to help you know what criteria you fit. This guide will tell you everything about the stick that you should consider when buying one.

Stick Weight

The stick weight is important, if you are a forward you want something which is lighter, so it is quicker to dribble. If you are a defender something heavier will be better so that you can hit the ball hard. A mid-fielder should try and find something in between. Now days when a hockey stick is sold the weights are usually:

Extra Light



There are some shops that sell sticks which are super-light and ultra-light. So Extra light to light is for forwards, if you want a bit more power go for a light option. Mid fielders should go for light to medium stick, and defenders should really only use medium.

Stick Length

Generally this is the sizes you should be going for. Forwards may want something a bit shorter just to make their playing style easier, but this should only be 1" smaller at the most.

4'3" and under 31"

4'3" - 4'6" 32"

4'6" - 4'9" 33"

4'9" - 5' 34"

5' - 5'3" 35"

5'3" - 5'7" 36"

5'7" upwards 37"

36" is the most common used size. There are .5" available, e.g. 36.5" is common sizes in sticks.


If you are older than about 10, you should start using a composite stick, if you are younger a wooden stick will suffice. Wooden sticks are more forgiving, but composite sticks are lighter, stronger and more powerful.

Toe Type

A toe is the receiving shape of the stick, different shapes allow for a better style of play. There are four main toe types:

Maxi- Larger receiving area, good for defenders and beginners.

Midi- Also good for beginners and good for mid-fielders.

Shorti- Good for dribbling, so good for forwards.

Hook- Large surface, good for defenders.

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