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Get Fit The Army Way

Updated on November 8, 2012

Getting Fit Using Army Fitness Training

The Army have been training men and women for over a hundred years, using well established tried and tested techniques. If you want to be in the army you have to be fit - so if anybody knows about fitness and training it is the Army.

Do you want to get fit, build strength and stamina? If so then the various exercises and fitness workouts used by the military around the world could be the answer.

No hefty gym bills, no fancy new equipment, no latest fad diet and fitness video - just a simple, well established, and proven approach to health and fitness.

Whatever level of fitness you are at, whether beginner (raw recruit) or established (commando) or super fit (Special forces) there are great fitness regimes to suit all levels

Why You Should Get Fit The Army Way

Building strength and stamina

The army has to turn out thousands of highly fit and trained people on a regular basis. They do this by employing key army fitness and army workout routines, that have been perfected over the years. It is quite simply one of the best all round strength and conditioning fitness routines there are. When it comes to being at the peak of physical fitness it is never more important than when you are in the military. Here fitness is not a lifestyle choice, it is a life or death choice.

The great thing about military fitness is that it does not rely on fancy machines, or the latest fad fitness technique. It is based on tried and tested simple exercises that condition the body and build strength. In addition, anybody can do it. The military have a history of taking raw recruits of all fitness levels and turning them into incredibly fit men and women.

So whether all you want is to get generally fit and healthy or you want to be super fit and build core strength and muscle, there is a military workout for all levels. All of which can be done at home or outdoors, and do not require expensive gym memberships.

Army Fitness Training Basic Approach

What Does it Involve?

So if you want to get really fit then welcome to the Military Workout is the ideal option. Do not worry if you are not already fighting fit, the military workout routines are not designed to break you down. You can start off at "raw recruit" level, and slowly build yourself up, through the different stages, as you become more and more prepared, both mentally and physically for the demands of military training.

A military workout will be spread over a number of weeks, getting your body used to the exercise, and making sure your techniques are correct. As you overall fitness improves you can start working harder and combining exercises. By now your body will be ready for more intense workouts and you will have the muscle and stamina to work harder and take on more intense exercise.

Initially you might want to do a basic routine to ascertain your current fitness level. Then you can decide whether you want to start right at the beginning of an exercise plan (week 1) or start at week 2 or week 3. Remember, if in doubt start at week 1 and always check with your doctor before under going any fitness regime.

A weekly exercise routine might consist of initially exercising three times a week, resting in between. As you become more strong, the rest days can involve some cardiovascular work like swimming and running.

The exercises are broken down between fast sprints and basic exercises such as push ups, squats or pull ups. For instance, in your first week, you might do 10 push ups followed by 10 second sprint, then 10 push ups then 10 second sprint. Rest for a minute. Then, follow this with a combination of squats and the sprints.

As you progress, the exercises will become more intense and harder, and will keep challenging your body. The exercises will remain varied, so you do not get bored, and after three weeks you would see noticeable differences in your body conditioning, fitness levels and stamina.

Whether you have an interest in the military or not a military workout is one of the most effective, and cheapest fitness regimes that exists, based on solid and proven techniques. So if you want to get fighting fit, then get yourself a military workout.

Army Fitness Books and DVDs

Whether you are just wanting to get fit or want to join the military there are a selection of great fitness training books and DVDs based on Army Fitness Techniques

Military Fitness Videos - Learn Fitness Methods and Techqniues the Military Way

Here are some great videos that demonstate good techqnique and the popularity of military fitness training

Have You Undertaken Any Army Fitness Training? - Let Me Have Any Comments

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