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How to Make Light Using Cooking Oil and Cotton

Updated on November 24, 2015



How to Save Gas and Battery During Camping?

Most of hiker,mountaineer and those who do camping in the mountain or forest use different ways to have light at night. One of their strategy is to make bonfire,bring candle and flashlight,that may cost wasting money, electricity etc...

What might be the risk of it during their camping or staying on the mountain:

    * budget shortage.
    * losing light during the emergency at night?
    * lack of enjoyment
    * bad trip of course (hahahah)

---what else???

And this thing I've learned to my father when Im only 6 y.o

How to make Light using Used Cooking oil and Cotton

not possible right? all mountaineer and climber bring oil to cook their food.

cotton for their emergency kit? which is very necessary..

Here is how to make lamp using your used cooking oil and cotton;


   1. can
   2. used cooking oil
   3. piece of cotton
   4. matches or lighter
   5. water


   1. Cut the can into 1-11/2 inch tall

   2. After you cut the can  pour a little amount of water on it and it should be 1cm high.

   3. Then pour the used cooking oil, should be 1 inch high

   4. roll a little amount of cotton like a roof of candle

   5. deep the cotton to the can then leave c 2mm long of cotton tangled on the can then light up the candle

and now u have the the most convenient light at night....

Thank you i wish it would help u a lot....

it is also be advisable when brown out...


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