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How to modify your Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker

Updated on October 20, 2014

Upgrade and Customize Your Tippmann 98 Custom

There's no doubt about it, one of the most popular tactical markers in paintball is the Tippmann 98 Custom. One of the things that make players so crazy about this gun is the fact that it's so customizable; people love to modify their 98 Customs by turning them into M4 carbines, AK47s and of course sniper rifles. This article will discuss a few helpful suggestions to upgrade and transform your Tippmann 98 paintball gun into other different cool, tactical custom creations.

Tippmann 98 Custom with the Sidewinder Sniper Kit
Tippmann 98 Custom with the Sidewinder Sniper Kit

Modifying The Tippmann 98 Custom Marker

The Sniper Setup

Modify your Tippmann 98 Custom to become an accurate sniper. The sniper position provides cover fire for the frontmen as well as head hunt their opponents. Depending on the game, they also try to stay hidden from a secret vantage point to pick off key players with precision shots. The Tippmann 98 makes an excellent base for a tactical sniper paintball gun.

One of the best sniper mod kits for the Tippmann 98 is the Sidewinder Sniper Kit. This upgrade package is simple to install and easy on your wallet, costing less than $200 (depending on where you buy it). The package includes everything you need to quickly transform your 98 into a precision sniper paintball gun. The Sidewinder Sniper Kit includes an 18 inch tactical rifled barrel, which will greatly increase the distance of your shot. The 'rifling' inside the barrel is a series of tracks and grooves that guide the paintball down it's bore, providing a spin-free, straighter trajectory. 'Rifled' barrels are far superior to others and make a huge difference in your accuracy.

Another stand out feature of the Sidewinder Sniper Kit is the offset, 'Sidewinder' that the 9x32 sniper scope attaches to. Not only does this mount set your scope in a perfect offset position to use with your paintball mask on, it also offers several other rails to mount other accessories to. You can easily mount a laser and/or a tactical flashlight along with your scope at the same time. The 9x32 scope included with this kit is a long range sniper scope and will target objects much farther away than your paintball gun can shoot; it's capabilities are great for a paintball sniper and then some. The Sidewinder Sniper Kit also includes the awesome looking MK23 silencer. This piece does not function to quiet your shot, however it does add another 4 inches of length to your barrel, giving you a whopping 22 inches of overall barrel length. Finally, this kit is completed with an authentic, telescoping carbine buttstock to steady your gun against your shoulder.

Tippmann 98 M4 Carbine Havoc Paintball Marker
Tippmann 98 M4 Carbine Havoc Paintball Marker

The Carbine Setup

Dress up your Tippmann 98 as an awesome carbine!

Carbine upgrade kits are perhaps the most popular for the Tippmann 98 Custom. These kits are easy to install and among the most affordable as well. There are several variations to choose from but mostly contain a buttstock, M4 carbine handguard and often a carry handle. These mods will give your Tippmann 98 a great tactical look and feel, perfect for just about any position on the scenario battlefield. One of the great things about the carbine modification kit parts is they also leave room for further customization. It’s easy and cheap to add a simple 20mm rail to the handguard or a scope mount on top of the carry handle. These attachments make it a breeze to further upgrade your marker with a laser, scope or vertical grip.

The barrel lengths in most carbine upgrade kits generally range from 10-14 inches, making their 98 Custom ideal for the mid-player position or something they can move with, carry and wield quickly very easily. If you would like the option of longer range shooting, you may want to consider a barrel as long as 16 or 18 inches and some type of mid to long range scope. Lengthier barrels however will tend to give your Tippmann 98 Carbine more of a sniper look.

An excellent carbine kit for the 98 Custom is the M4 Carbine Havoc Kit. This kit will equip your marker with a classic looking M4 barrel kit and M4-style magazine. The magazine acts to replace the original 98 stock forehandle and will give your marker and awesome authentic look, however the magazine is not functional. The Havoc Kit also includes a weaver sight rail to attach a fantastic Samurai 30mm AP Red Dot Scope, which is also included. The Carbine buttstock that comes with this kit is adjustable for several different telescoping lengths. Finally, the M4 Carbine Havoc Kit features a forty-five degree angle hopper adaptor, which helps enhance your aim by angling your hopper away from the scope view.

Tippmann 98 AK47 paintball marker
Tippmann 98 AK47 paintball marker

AK47 Setups

Turn your Tippmann 98 into a realstic AK47!

Several paintball equipment companies make AK47 parts for the Tippmann 98 Custom; the 98 makes a very realistic looking AK! Turn your favorite Tippmann marker into a classic 'bad guy' gun or use it as your main weapon in any tactical scenario type game. Virtually every AK47 configuration is possible for the 98 Custom; wood stocks & handguards or black, folding stocks or even the shortened Krinkov sub-machine gun.

The Tippmann 98 AK47 wood kit (from RAP4) comes with a wooden hand guard, stock and wood in-lays on the grips of the gun. It also features a sweet Red Dot 2x42 scope to fits nicely onto the top rail of your marker (that is also included with this set). Of course the kit comes with the classic AK47 barrel; this complete modification upgrade kit will give your Tippmann 98 an authentic look and feel of a real AK47.

Tacamo is a company that specializes in nothing but AK47 parts, guns and accessories for several different paintball markers; namely Tippmann guns. There are several Tacamo AK47 kits available for the 98 Custom, all of which are worth considering while they all have unique, stand out features. The Tacamo AK74 kit is black (not wooden) and comes with a realistic folding stock, giving you the ability to quickly transform your marker into an AK SMG. Tacamo kits also feature a handy top rail - so you can add a scope or laser sight, and the classic AK47 banana clip magazine. The magazine is not functional, however it can act as a small storage compartment.

Tippmann 98 Paintball Guns & Supplies - Tippmann 98 markers, upgrade kits & accessories

The Tippmann 98 is a fantastic paintball marker to customize and upgrade; there are literally tons of accessories and modification kits available. You can easily transform your 98 Custom into just about any military rifle that exists plus many that don’t. The best thing is most upgrade kits and accessories for the Tippmann 98 are extremely affordable, so it won’t break your bank to fix up this marker. For great ideas on different ways to upgrade, browse a giant selection of Tippmann 98 kits, parts and accessories at

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