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How To Nose Manual | Skateboarding Trick Tips for Beginner Skaters

Updated on October 16, 2015
Nose Manual
Nose Manual

Learning How To Nose Manual Is Worth the Battle!

Nose manuals are one of my favourite tricks. It's an intermediate trick that requires good balance and control of your skateboard.

Before learning this trick, you should learn the ordinary manual. By now, you probably already have. You'll notice it's easier than the nose manual.

The challenges of nose manual are:

  1. Balance
  2. Steering
  3. Speed

Balancing a Nose Manual

Balancing a nose manual takes practice. So before you even attempt rolling nose manuals, try standing still, balancing on your front two wheels. Try in on carpet if you need to and then progress to the concrete. Once you can hold a nose manual for a few seconds standing still, learn how to do it while rolling.

Taking Control of Your Skateboard

Most of your skateboarding up to this point is done with the back truck. Steering with the front truck is much more sensitive than with the back truck.

Olling into nose manuals can be pretty tough to land correctly, even if you can do nose manuals pretty well on flat ground. It's all about being able to commit to them properly. You should also be able to ollie up the box or manual pad without any trouble before starting.

Using Momentum to Land This Trick

Use momentum to clear the back wheels at the end of your nose manual. It helps to bonk your nose (like a nollie) when popping off the skate obstacle.

Watch this trick tip video and see how it's done.

Nose Manual Trick Tip Video

Tips for this Trick

Review these steps for a quick glimpse of how to perform this trick.

  • Begin rolling
  • Pop into a nose manual
  • Lean forward onto your front wheels
  • Hold steady as you balance
  • Bonk the nose & nollie off
  • Roll away with style

How To Nose Manual Step-By-Step

Start rolling towards your manual pad in an ollie stance.

Pop up and shift your weight forward, landing into a nose manual. Keep those back wheels up while holding steady all the way through.

Once you get to the end, bonk the front wheels off, kind of like a nollie. Use that bonk to pop off and clear your back wheels.

Land and roll away!

This trick must be done with enough speed to clear the back wheels when you pop off. If you don't have enough momentum, and your back wheels or tail clips the end, it ruins the trick.

Nose Manual Trick Tips


The stance for this trick is similar to the Ollie with the difference being your lead foot being closer the front bolts.

When you land on the manual pad, your front foot should be on the nose, slightly pointed. And your back foot should be over the back bolts. Most of your weight and pressure will be on your front leg, while your back leg holds the skateboard steady.


Committing to this trick can be intimating and frustrating. Most likely you aren't going to want to lean too far forward so your back wheels will touch.

Keep trying until you find the tipping point. Don't be afraid of falling forward. Falling isn't failing, it's experience. It's how you learn. Keep trying this trick and the better you will become.


This trick is worth the effort. Nose manuals are so much fun to do. It takes skill, balance, and control to learn this trick. With enough practice you will gain all that and this trick will be yours!

How To Nose Manual Summary

  • Center yourself over the front bolts
  • Use your arms to maintain balance
  • Bonk the front wheels off the end of the box
  • Use momentum to clear the back wheels

Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song | Almost Manual Tricks

Style Matters. Get Into The Flow!

"All that will matter will be style." - Mark Appleyard

These days it's really hard to do a trick that's never been done before. What's going to make you stand out when you're doing ordinary tricks is style.

Pay attention to your style of skating and work to improve.

Performing tricks that look effortless and feeling completely comfortable on a skateboard is largely considered good style.

Some of the best skaters with this style are Mark Appleyard, Paul Rodriguez, Guy Mariano... and a few others.

Be a Good Skater and Get Tricks.

Which box trick do you want next?

See results

Have Fun & Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Anyone can learn how to nose manual.

What will set you apart from the crowd besides having good style? Nose manual combos and variations. Consider adding the following tricks to your nose manuals:

  • Nollie FS/BS 180 out
  • Nollie Shuvit (either way)
  • Revert to switch manual

Are you having fun? That's a question you need to ask yourself when practicing new skateboard tricks. Because when you're having fun, creativity is unleashed, making anything possible.

Keep these tips in mind when skating:

  • Have fun and be playful
  • Use momentum to land tricks

You will be surprised by how easy it is to learn new tricks when you're having fun.

Nose Manual Variations

Nose Manual Combos Are Endess!

In addition to learning how to nose manual, there are a lot of combos you can do with this trick. Tricks in, out, and in between - whatever you want.

Keep practicing and your balance will improve. This increases your ability to hold manuals for longer periods of time, which allows you to perform on any skate box, ledge, or manual pad ever built.

To boost you chances of success with this trick, remember:

  • Lean forward without fear of falling
  • Hold steady all the way
  • Bonk your board off the end

Let's Hear How You're Doing With This Trick. Comment Below!

If there's anything I've missed or you just need some additional help, leave your comment below and me or another skater will try to help.


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