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Dealing With Fear While Skateboarding

Updated on February 13, 2019
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas | Source

How To Get Rid of Fear

Before you think there’s some magic way of getting rid of fear forever, you should know that there’s no way to get rid of fear completely.

Besides, it’s actually good to have some fear. Without fear you would be completely reckless and get yourself seriously injured.

Although there aren't any ways to eliminate fear totally, there are ways of reducing the fear. Watch the Paul Rodriguez video below where he talk about overcoming fear, and then keep reading to learn even more!

Overcome the Fear of Falling Off Your Skateboard

Take Control of Your Fear and Land More Tricks!

Focus On The Successful Outcome

One way to reduce skateboarding fear is by not worry so much about failing.

Focus more on what you want to happen, the successful outcome. Direct your mind to focus on landing your tricks, instead of getting hurt.

Visualize yourself succeeding, over and over again.

Work Your Way Up

When asked about overcoming fear, Paul Rodriguez said, "don’t skate anything above your skill level until you’re ready."

Start small, get better, and work your way up to build your confidence, before you attempt something outside your comfort zone.

Prepare yourself beforehand. Because the more prepared you are the better your chances are of succeeding.

Listen To Your Intuition

You should always listen to your gut. Sometimes the right thing to do is walk away. Other times it means believing in yourself and going for it.

Ask yourself “Am I ready for this?”

If you are, you’ll know.

Leap Of Faith
Leap Of Faith

Get Over the Fear of Falling and Getting Hurt

Falling off your skateboard is unavoidable, as long as you continue to learn and progress.

You are going to experience falling and failing; sometimes even getting hurt in the process.

This might seem depressing at first, but actually, once you understand that falling is a part of skateboarding, you can stop worrying so much about it happening and just skate.

Of course, no one wants to fall off their skateboard and get hurt, but the fact is, the more times you fall, the better you get recovering, and the less painful it becomes.

Don't get it twisted though.

Skateboarding is a painful activity.

You will fall and get hurt sometimes, no matter what skill level you're at. But if you're smart about it and don't do anything too crazy, you can walk away without injury.

If you're a beginner skateboarder who's still not totally comfortable on a skateboard, try padding up. Wear a helmet.

Put on some elbow and knee pads, if you have some. Do whatever you can to feel protected as you learn how to skateboard.

Ryan Sheckler wore a helmet and pads before he took skateboarding to the streets. It allowed him the confidence to attempt the tricks he wanted to land, without fear getting in the way and stopping him from trying.

After several years confidence building and consistently landing tricks, he put them away and began relying on his skills to deal with fear and handle the pain from any fall that may possibly happen.

"90% of what we worry about never actually happens."

Fear of injury will keep you from trying all sort of things.

More times than not, you're going to be ok. Maybe you won't always land the trick well or land it at all, but chances are you won't get terribly hurt and, hey, you might actually pull the trick off. It's a great feeling when you do.

Skateboarding is about risk.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

Don't sell yourself short – we’re all capable of achieving success. Of course, sometimes you will fail and fall down, but if you get up and try again, you may just land it – and that's when all the previous falls and fails will feel worth it.

To be successful at skateboarding, you must commit yourself to becoming comfortable with uncomfortable.

Move away from weakness and toward power.

When fear controls you, it leaves you with a feeling of helplessness. If you want to have power and control over you life, then you must TAKE ACTION.

Challenge your comfort zone. Take action towards growth.

Once you over the fear and land that trick you've been working so hard on, it's an amazing and you feel even more motivated to advance your skill level.

As you become a better, more improved skateboarder, the better you are at conquering fear and increasing you chances for success.

Life Lessons Learned Through Skateboarding

Conquering Fear for Skateboarders

Fear is common among all skateboarders.

As long as you are progressing, you will always have a certain amount of fear. It's a normal response to doing something new and challenging.

So while you might not be able to get rid of fear for good, you can work on your fear and expand your comfort zone.

Importance of Positive Thinking

When you learn to believe in yourself, thinking and acting in a positive way, you will be able to handle anything that happens.

Positive thinking takes practice.

  • Real inspirational books and listen to inspirational tapes.
  • Write out favourite quotes and keep them close by.
  • Use affirmations and turn them into convictions.

The mind reacts to what its fed, whether true or false.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements we repeat to reprogram our minds. When using affirmations, it's important that you state it in the positive and present tense.


  • I am not afraid but courageous
  • I am stronger than my fear
  • I am moving toward power

Make your affirmations your mantra.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Your choice for words affect how you think and feel. Replace your negative vocabulary words with positive words.

For example, stop saying, "I can't, I should, it's a problem, it's terrible." Instead say, "I choose not to, I could, it's an opportunity, it's a learning experience."

Use empowering words to empower yourself.

Geoff Rowley Shambles Ad
Geoff Rowley Shambles Ad

What's your favourite kind of skateboarding?

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Getting Rid of the Fear of Falling off Your Skateboard

"Since I've been a little kid, the only way for me to learn tricks was to fall. For some reason it's the way I figure out how a tricks works, by throwing myself in the deep end. I think that rids of any fear very quickly." - Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley Interrogated

In a recent interview done for The Berrics website, Rowley was asked about what keep him going, even after the slams.

What he said was, "once the thought of taking a rare slam is out of my own head, then it loses its strength and ability to control the situation."

He went on to say, "slams come with the territory: you fall, get hurt and you get back up." It's what his dad taught him; when you fall, get back up.

Falling off your skateboard is inevitable. It's going to happen at some point, as long as you continue to skate.

There's good news though.

As you continue to skate, you will learn how to fall. Which means the wipeouts become less painful the more experience you gain.

Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway!

Do you enjoy skateboarding but afraid of falling and getting hurt? Stop it! And start using fear to drive you forward as you continue to skate.

Here's how:

  • Trust that whatever trick you are doing was meant to happen at the right time.
  • Stop believing that there's only one 'right' or 'wrong' way of doing any skateboard trick.
  • Endless opportunities awaits the skater who will conquer fear.
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Learn form them.
  • Be happy you've had the experience, even if it isn't successful this time.
  • Keep trying and tweaking your approach; you are on the road to success.

Rather than seeing fear as a sign you've reached your limits, think of it as a green light to keep going; if you don't feel fear, you're probably not growing.

Fear is a sign that you are headed in the right direction.

Don't deny the fear, take the next step.

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