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How to Purchase an Airsoft Gun - Choosing the Right Airsoft Gun for You

Updated on May 20, 2009

Professional Airsoft Player

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft started in Japan around the 70's as a way to get around Japan's weapons ban. Hobbyists purchases realistic looking spring-loaded guns that fired small plastic or rubber BBs that were around 6-8 mm in size. Later the Airsoft hobby spread like wildfire to North America and Europe. Here these springloaded guns came to be known as Airsoft.

Types of Airsoft Guns

There are many types of Airsoft guns. Airsoft makes replicas of almost all famous guns. Some airsoft guns include the AK series, G36 series, M4's, M16's, M249's, UMP's, Revolvers, Glock series, 1911 pistols, MP5s, MP7s, and many other historical makes including various airsoft snipers and airsoft shotguns.

Spring-loaded Airsoft Guns

Spring loaded airsoft guns also known as springers are the cheapest of all Airsoft guns. The good springers are usually bolt action sniper rifles which can cost over 200 dollars for a decent one and more for upgrades. Shotguns are also usually spring powered, good ok shotguns can start at 50 dollars. Spring powered pistols and rifles are  cheaper than airsoft shotguns and sniper rifles. They can start very cheap around 5 dollars but break very easily and I would never reccomend them only if you fool around with them.

Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Gas powered airsoft guns are usually pistols or grenade launchers. Its rare if you see GBB(gas blow back) m4's, shotguns, or snipers. Gas powered airsoft guns last the most of all airsoft guns since they dont require gearboxes. Some widley used GBB pistols can cost 100 - 200 at the most. GBB airsoft guns are powered either by C02 cartridges, green gas, red gas, or propane.

Battery Operated (AEG and LPEG) Airsoft Guns

AEGs, also widely known as automatic electric airsoft guns, are the most common and best type of airsoft gun. Some high quality AEGs can have a ROF (rate of fire) of 20 rps (rounds per second) and higher! AEGs are the strongest type of Airsoft gun. The power of an Airsoft gun is measured in fps (feet per second). 250 - 350 fps is usually the limit for most CQB (close quarters battlefield) fields. Woodland fields can be 250 - 450 fps. LPEG airsoft guns are worse than springers, they may be cheap, but are a total waste of your money and are only worth it if you just use them in backyard games.

Airsoft Gun Manufacturers

Some common Airsoft Manafacture:

Tokyo Marui

One of the most common known high quality airsoft gun company. Almost all there guns are 250 - 300 fps which makes them last so long. The internals are good, and externals are good as well. The cheapest gun they make starts at 250.00 USD, so this is not a good for people who have a tight budget. Tokyo Mauri makes their guns in Japan.

Classic Army

Another high quality airsoft gun company. Classic Army also known as CA has good externals and internals. Their guns are expensive but are still good for starters.

Echo 1

Echo 1 is a decent airsoft gun company. They rebrand the Chinese Manafacturer Jing Gong. This airsoft company attracts many new comers cause of their high FPS and low prices. I would recommend this company to all beginner airsoft players and pros.


OK, this is probably the most expensive airsoft gun company. There most expensive gun is 1650.00 USD. All their guns have very good quality internals and externals. Systema is used for traning in the Military since their guns are very similar to the real steel version. But, many noobs overrate this Airsoft gun company as the best but they think all airsoft guns are good if they cost over 700 dollars LOL.


This company is good for newcomers and novice players, nuff said.


Well is the worst AEG airsoft company, but they are still better than your run of the mill LPEG airsoft gun. :)  Very good for the price if you are on a tight, 50-70 dollar budget.

Where to Play Airsoft and Airsoft Safety

There are two types of airsoft competition fields, woodland and close combat battle fields.

If you play at a CQB field I would advise you get full face mask, or goggles at the very minimum.

Woodland airsoft fields are different, you just require strong safety glasses, goggles, or a full face mask if desired.

Where to Buy Your Airsoft Gun

Ok, so now you are ready to purchase your first airsoft gun.  Before looking online, however, let me recommend some quality sites to buy from.

Airsoftgi is probably the best airsoft store in the US, they have free shipping over a 100$ and you can use coupons to get 10% off.  Some current coupons for airsoft guns are "GITV".

Red Wolf Airsoft is the best airsoft retailer for those not living in the continental United States.  It is located in Asia and serves the airsoft needs for the rest of the world.

Evike, Airsplat, and Hobbytron

These three websites have very low prices, but terrible customer service.  I have heard of airsoft guns taking months to reach their destination and arriving in pieces!!!!! :-(

Go Out and Airsoft!

With the information provided herein this article, you are now armed with the proper knowledge to purchase a quality, long lasting airsoft gun! Have fun selecting and buying an airsoft gun and encourage your friends to purchase airsoft guns of their own! Buying and playing airsoft is a fun hobby that I love!

This Hub was guest-written by my wonderful younger brother, an avid airsoft player who is passionate about the sport.


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    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 4 years ago

      Если же у Вас некрупное лицо, то Вам подходим сильно приподнятая смешилка, уложенная с помощью фена и круглой расчёски диаметром не менее 5 см. Объём создаётся от корня и по всей длине.

    • profile image

      Vicks Airsoft Assoc. 4 years ago

      I haven't had any problems from in the few years I've dealt with them, but I've been reading alot of spite-filled reviews as of late; long shipping times, guns arriving in poor shape, etc. Is this a recent development or have people always complained?

      Also, I recently purchased a CYMA MP5 RIS AEG and it seems more powerful and effective in skirmishes than 'beginner' AEGs. What defines a 'Pro' gun? High FPS? Upgradable internals?

    • profile image

      TomaSnava 4 years ago

      I employed to obtain high on lifetime but these days I've accumulated a weight.

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      Very informative, however like another commenter said, KWA should be mentioned. Their products are top of the line and any airsofter who has ever owned one will swear by its reliability. They just make good guns.

    • profile image

      Adam 5 years ago

      you left out kwa biggest mistake ever considering they are the best brand besides systema

    • profile image

      Mom 5 years ago

      A mom educating herself to buy a gift...thanks!!

    • profile image

      Jane Austen 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      Teamster101 7 years ago

      I would just like to say that i have used a bunch in the last two years, and have never had a problem with them. Customer service and tech support has been great, orders arrive in good time, monthly sales, and free shipping over 100 dollars:)

    • profile image

      PITVIPER1 7 years ago

      Good article thanks

    • profile image

      airsfot safety tips 7 years ago

      good hub, i like how you briefly went over same of the popular brands. You left out SRC?

    • profile image

      6mmbb 8 years ago

      This article is a very good one detailing the major aspects of the airsoft sport. I would like to see an article on airsoft sniper rifles next. What kind of guns do you guys like? Gas airsoft pistols? High end aeg's? I have a tokyo marui m4 and I really like it. I also have a jg stubby cqb gun and it shoots hard. I just got it so not sure how durable it is. What kind of guns do you guys have? Thanks for the great airsoft info. Would you ever get a utg airsoft sniper rifle? Like a type 96?

    • profile image

      airsofttactics 8 years ago

      I've been playing airsoft for about a year now. Still, the information on your hubpage has helped.