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How to Service the Cricket Bat

Updated on January 31, 2015

Cricket Game Overview

Cricket is a game which has came from nowhere and emerged as wonderful spirit among us without any age or geographical barrier. Once played the passion spreads like fire, which literally made this game invincible and made it roots deeper and stronger from international grounds to small school grounds and local fields.

So as to keep this fire ignited its necessary to take care of this game gears and keep it well maintained like an armor of so-caper in battle field.

Here we intend take a small step to explain how cricket bat can maintained.

Let’s see how this is done professionally?

To a batsman his soul is cricket bat , technically maintaining a bat is called as seasoning where bat is fine tuned by the experts which suits the players caliber and boosts his performance. There are several methods to service a cricket bat.

But before that we will have look at common types of bat.

  1. Normal bat
  2. Oil bat

Oil bat looks like a normal bat but the difference is the bat is filled with oil for its long life and lasting. Only good ergonomic and technically designed bat can keep up the expectation of batsman. Keeping this requirement in mind bat manufacturers started producing good bats with a high price tag.

As a result maintenance of these bats came into picture.

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Cricket Bat Mallet
Cricket Bat Mallet
Cricket Bat Mallet | Source

Servicing Euipments

Seasoning Hammer: This is the most oldest and conventional method of maintaining bat. Here equipment used is wooden hammer which is used to hammer the face of bat so that the irregularities created while playing can be removed. Once this is done player can retain the performance and extend the life of bat. This method can be used for both normal and oil bats but the intensity of hammering should be varied according to weight and type of the bat. Heavy hammering can damage the bat.

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Linseed Oil
Linseed Oil
Linseed Oil | Source

Linseed Oil: This is basically pine oil which is available in markets in small bottles. This oil brings the cricket bat last longer and tuned to change its weight.

Steps to perform for serving the Cricket Bat:

1. This linseed oil can be applied in a Oil bat by removing wooden cap or enclosure which can seen at the top portion of bat handle. Before removing the cap we should remove the handle grip else while refilling oil it may spill on the grip and damage it. Once cap is opened refill the linseed oil to the appropriate level and close the cap. Bat grip can again applied on handle using bat grip applicator. Commonly available Linseed Oil in market is kookaburra linseed oil.

2. One more way is widely used to season the cricket bat. Apply some linseed oil on the bat, most areas .Please avoid to rub the oil in the handle grip and company sticker placed inner side of the bat top near to the grip. Then take the bat horizontal to your body and start using hammering on the bat slightly in all areas and in the blade or edges too. This method can be done by you by watching the given video here.

How to service the new Cricket Bat

Previously these techniques were done only by professional due to unavailability of the equipment's markets but now the situation has changed now bat conditioning kits are easily available in sports store

So guys keep your gears maintained and get ready for the awesome innings.

4 stars for New Cricket Bat Servicing


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