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How to ship a surfboard

Updated on May 28, 2014

How To Ship A Surfboard

Learn how to ship a surfboard for cheap!

Shipping a surfboard is expensive and a hassle. Period. However, it's sometimes necessary and this article will give you some tips on how to effective pack your surfboard for shipping and how to actually ship your surfboard for cheap and safely to it's destination.

What is the cost to ship a surfboard?

UPS is probably the cheapest method to ship your surfboard but they have strict package dimension requirements so this will only work if you have a shortboard in the 6'0 and under range. A more flexible and relatively cheap method to ship shortboards and funboards up to the 8'0 range is FedEx. The key is to learn their pricing for dimensions and get you box to fit it the smallest dimension range as possible. Both services are fairly quick and reliable way to ship your surfboard. For both services, you want to use ground shipping unless you have an unlimited budget or really need a board delivered within a couple days for your surf trip. On that note, it may be cheaper to buy a board at your surf trip destination than to ship your surfboard. Many people don't want to deal with shipping or airline fees so boards are sometimes plentiful at surf trip destinations. It's probably worth looking into if you are on a budget. You probably want to buy shipping insurance. It really isn't that expensive and it's a good idea since surfboards are so fragile compared to a lot of other items the board will be shipped with. If you have a longboard it's possible to ship your surfboard but not really recommended because of the price.If you are determined, the best way to ship your longboard is a freight service or air cargo at the airport.

How to package your surfboard for safe shipping

To package your surfboard you will need the following. Box, packing tape, permanent marker, filling material. The best box you will find is the boxes that have already been used to ship surfboard to surf shops. These are hard to come by but you may want to check at some surf shops. The next best thing is the blanks boxes that are shipped to shapers. Check with some local shapers. Still no luck? Two bicycle boxes can do the trick or in worst case scenario you can but a box from a shipping store. The probably won't have the right size for a surfboard but you can put two boxes together to make a single box. Once your have the surfboard box you can move on to creating a cushion layer in between the surfboard and the surfboard box. The key is think of potential things that can happen during shipping and try to make the best defense around those areas. The nose and the tail need to be well padded. Typically an air barrier is best and the least amount of weight. You want to keep the weight to a minimum in order to get a lower shipping rate for the surfboard. The surfboard rails near the contact point of the box is another area to make sure is well protected. The deck and bottom are also very important so make sure they are well padded and have enough space in between the surfboard and box to withstand an intrusion dent from another box. A misconception by most people is the box needs to be a perfect square or rectangle. This isn't true and sometimes it's easiest to wrap the surfboard with protective padding and then wrap the cardboard around the padded board. Make sure the entire box is well sealed with packing tape. Packing tape doesn't weigh much and makes sure the padding stays in place when the surfboard is shipped. Before you take your board to get shipped, make sure to take a permanent marked and write FRAGIE in big letters all over the box for a reminder to the guys who pack the boxes on loading carts, planes, and trucks.

Watch surfboard packaging video for shipping a surfboard

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hey, you can ship your boards using Zipplin.

      They ship all kinds of stuff domestically and i believe internationally as well. See if they can help.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am flying home to Fargo, ND on the 29th. I want to take my 20 dollar chipped surfboard, with no fins. I'll be on Alliegent Air lines . Hard to get an answer from them. got any ideas?


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