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How To Stay Fit This Summer With San Diego Water Activities

Updated on June 28, 2014

Need to get in tip-top shape for the summer? Look no further.

With summer time in full swing, it doesn't take long before one realizes that it's time to get in shape to achieve the beach bod that everyone only dreams of. Luckily, for San Diego residents, this feat isn't too difficult of a task, as the exercise opportunities are endless; especially with nearby bodies of water such as Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean welcoming all who venture near them (that's thousands of gallons of water to swim, kayak and have fun in!). So, how do you stay fit, you ask? Look no further; here are some fun San Diego water activities that you can learn and enjoy this summer while staying cool.

(Photo of Mission Bay in San Diego from Panoramio by user slipdigby.)

Jet skiers having a good time in Mission Bay.
Jet skiers having a good time in Mission Bay.

1. Rent some jet skis and explore the shores of San Diego!

With jet ski rental companies lining the shores of San Diego, water activities such as jet skiing is a fun option that the whole family can be involved with. When getting on a jet ski, it's important to stay balanced so the jet ski doesn't flip (unless you also want to get a good swim in). To stay relatively dry, keep the core engaged while the legs are supporting the rest of the body. Just getting familiar with the jet ski is great for toning your calves, hamstrings and glutes. Once you get the hang of operating the throttle and making turns, you'll realize that the majority of movements needed to have a good time on the jet ski involves using both upper-body and lower-body muscles. If you take the time to jet ski around San Diego, water activities will be sure to get your body toned and ready to take on the rest of the summer.

(Photo of Mission Bay in San Diego from Flickr by John Rogers.)

Jet Ski Operation and Safety

While it's important to know how to how fun, always remember to be safe while having fun. Here's a great video on how to achieve both.

Paddle Boarding on Mission Bay
Paddle Boarding on Mission Bay

2. Grab a paddleboard, a paddle, and learn to paddle board along San Diego's coast.

While paddle boarding may take considerably more time to cover a certain distance compared to the jet ski, it's a whole different activity that requires a whole other set of muscles: the lats (or the latissimus dorsi). Proper paddle boarding technique relies on this set of muscles to pull the paddle toward the boarding once standing atop the board; the lats also work in conjunction with the core muscles. The calm waters of the inner regions of Mission Bay allow for an easy learning environment, while still providing the thrilling experience that a vastly large body of water surrounding you often gives. I've sure had my fair share of plopping right into the water when I lost my balance; just find your center and keep trying!

(Photo provided by

Paddle Boarding Demo

Want to see an example of paddle boarding? Watch and see how it's done.

A herd of kayakers!
A herd of kayakers!

3. Kayak out into the beautiful open waters.

It’s already a workout itself getting the entire kayak into the water; but if you’re lucky enough to be renting one where the kayak is already in the water, you’re one step ahead in discovering the fun and body shaping exercise kayaking has to offer. With small coves and large parks all around San Diego, water activities such as kayaking are not hard to find; you can find it at De Anza Cove, Mission Bay Park or Fiesta Island Park, all accommodating parks that like promoting fun. Like paddle boarding, your core will be your source of power in order to reduce strain on your arms, shoulders and back. Kayaking is an excellent way to reinforce core strength, while giving you a fairly smooth mode of exploration through the waters.

(Photo from Wikipedia).

Check them out kayaking through the waves

Watch this duo power through the water, waves and all.

Head on over to San Diego!

For those living in San Diego, water activities are readily available to those who look for them. What's better than finding a way to exercise all the while having a great time learning new water sports? And if you're already familiar with such sports, refining those skills can keep you cooled off and in shape. So look no further for getting into tip-top shape this summer; explore the shores of San Diego, rent any equipment if need be, and get to enjoying the waters! Visit for more information.

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