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How yoga can improve your golf

Updated on October 9, 2014

Why Katherine Roberts is on a mission to make yoga accessible to guys who golf

Guys are you looking for ways to improve your swing, increase your drive and maintain focus on the golf course? An increasing number of savvy pro golfers - think Tiger Woods - are turning to yoga, with impressive results. If you're still not convinced that yoga is manly enough for you, consider LeBron James, Ray Lewis and the entire New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team who all incorporate yoga into their professional training schedules. Katherine Roberts is the reigning 'Yoga For Golf' guru and her specially adapted program - the Katherine Roberts Flex-Fit Method - is proven to get results where it counts, without the need to break out the lycra or crystals.

Why yoga for golf?

Core strength, flexibility and power are key attributes of a successful golfer, along with the ability to focus and perform under pressure; all of which can be achieved through effective conditioning of the body and mind. Sounds all so easy in theory, right? There is a tendency among golfers, however, to separate these approaches into very distinct sciences when, in fact, Yoga integrates them into one highly synergistic discipline; with physical poses, breathing exercises and simple meditation techniques forming essential components of the practice. From incredibly simple stretches that will increase flexibility and improve the swing, to effective techniques for regaining composure and focus after a bad hole, the practical, and highly beneficial applications for golfers are abundant, if a little misunderstood.

Yoga isn't simply beneficial for improving your golf swing either, with many players reporting significant, positive improvements to their health and general outlook on life. Yoga can be particularly beneficial for the kind of nagging, persistent injuries and aches and pains that hamper your game and reduce mobility off the green too. It can significantly improve cardiovascular and digestive health and can be introduced gently to minimise any shocks to the system. Similarly, the calming, meditative aspects of yoga can prove highly effective across all areas of life, particularly when it comes to managing stress. In a nutshell, yoga is not only good for your golf, but your overall wellbeing and, thanks to the many different styles, postures and approaches, can be adapted and incorporated into just about any lifestyle with positive results, and the good news is, you don't need to be Madonna to 'get it'.

LeBron James taking his Yoga message to schools / Dana Bail / Cavaliers Photo
LeBron James taking his Yoga message to schools / Dana Bail / Cavaliers Photo

Who does it?

Anyone - oh and it's not just for girls! There's a massive misconception among guys that yoga isn't particularly manly and that 'real guys don't do yoga'. Try telling that to pro players such as LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal, or the entire New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team who have all incorporated yoga practice into their fitness regimes while playing professionally. When it comes to golfers, professionals such as Tiger Woods attribute much of their success to the zen-like inner calm and focus achieved through yoga practice and it is now very common for clubs right across the globe to offer yoga classes to members, and for PGA coaches to incorporate yoga techniques into training programs as standard.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Introducing Katherine Roberts

The Yoga For Golf Guru

The golfer's ultimate yoga guru is Katherine Roberts, a keen golfer who took up yoga around twenty years ago, realized the profound affect it was having on her own game (significantly lowering her handicap for starters), and, after training as an instructor in her hometown of Scottsdale, began dedicating her career to helping other golfers improve their own game using specially adapted yoga methods, to much acclaim. She is now a recognized authority on the subject, with a hugely successful training program, the 'Roberts Flex-Fit Method', enjoying worldwide reach in around 22 countries. She also regularly contributes to the Golf Channel and Golf Magazine and has authored 9 DVD's and two books on the subject (the latest a collaboration with Hank Haney, personal coach to Tiger Woods).

Much of Katherine's success lies in her credibility as an athlete and keen golfer, with an intricate understanding of the complexities of golf - particularly the swing - and a highly approachable style that helps regular guys of all ages feel at ease with the idea of yoga. Her mantra is 'modification' meaning each module forms an essential 'building block' which can be adapted to suit the needs and abilities of every student. Many of her exercises and stretches are 'golf course' friendly too - meaning they can be performed as a routine warm-up in your golf gear before tee-off, without the need to break out the yoga mat in order to feel the benefit. While advocating the proven benefits of a fully-inclusive program of yoga, her style is never 'preachy- and her website is full of fantastic, free 'how to videos' covering basic, yet effective exercises to improve flexibility and focus which anyone can learn.

The Katherine Roberts Flex-Fit method focuses on a five key areas:

1. Flexibility

2. Strength

3. Balance

4. Core

5. Focus

The Flex-Fit method aims to achieve balance across these main areas while promoting and teaching correct breathing techniques; essential for achieving mental focus while under pressure. You can find out more at or you can order one of her bestselling DVD's or books right here:

Yoga related essentials to get you started

GolfGym Balance Ball
GolfGym Balance Ball

Building on the Yoga Ball concept, this workout ball takes things a step further with the golfer in mind - includes basic intro DVD

Yoga for Golfers : A Unique Mind-Body Approach to Golf Fitness
Yoga for Golfers : A Unique Mind-Body Approach to Golf Fitness

Her #1 bestselling book that outlines everything you need to know


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Katherine Roberts' Golf and Fitness Tips Videos: - Flex-Fit Method

Here are just a few of the many fantastic - and free - Katherine Roberts' video tutorials available on her website:

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